AIS offers every student a gateway to the world’s finest universities.

AIS has excellent connections with many universities around the world.  Not surprisingly, we have a particularly strong relationship with the Group of 8 in Australia and Auckland University in New Zealand – all top 100 universities. In addition to these, AIS students have been accepted to Oxford, the Russell Group of universities in the UK, top 100 universities such as Duke in the US, UBC in Canada, and Seoul National University in South Korea.  For those students who wish to stay in Vietnam AIS has an excellent relationship with RMIT in Ho Chi Minh City.

Through the Deputy Executive Principal and our partnership with Avenue to Success (ATS) – AIS students can access information and connections to help them find the right university. With an IB Diploma in their hands from AIS, the world is their oyster!

 What universities think of AIS students

“I  was really impressed by the enthusiasm and  confidence of the students at the Australian International School.  It was refreshing to see a group of students so open  to exploring all the new careers that are now available to them in the  21st century, that cannot only lead to international careers but in fields that will contribute to improving our global society and environment.” Tamara McConnon, University of Tasmania.

“I was very impressed by AIS students. They are very confident and especially those in Year 12 & 13 have a very clear vision for their future.” Trinh Mai, Deakin University

“As an institution of higher education, it is always a pleasure to speak to prospective university students who have a clear vision on what their future study goals and outcomes are. The students’ level of engagement, thirst for knowledge about programme options and career opportunities was amongst the best I have witnessed in Vietnam.” Darren Turner, University of South Australia