AIS is committed to providing depth and opportunity so that students can have the confidence to achieve their potential.  Through bot the classroom and the extensive range of extra-curricular activities, AIS students can develop those skills and talents that they may have already discovered in themselves, as well as adding new strings to their bows.

At AIS, the students are given opportunities to undertake after school activities, join clubs, be part of leadership groups, compete in interschool competitions, enjoy camps and field trips, or be involved in fund raising for the community programs – and so be fully involved in the total life of the School.

After school activities

AIS offers a diverse range of after school activities each semester.  These activities can range from Hip hop dancing to cooking to sports to robotics and are led by the teaching staff.  The activities vary according to age and students can undertake as many as they have time for. Full details including how to register are listed on the myais site. By participating in these activities, AIS students have multiple opportunities to develop new and existing interests and skills.  


AIS enters teams in local SISAC competitions. A variety of competitive sports are offered including: basketball, badminton, athletics, cross country running, swimming, and football.

School drama productions

Across all year levels, students have the opportunity to develop their acting, performance, musical and theatre skills through involvement in drama productions throughout the year.  While children perform regularly on assembly or at special events such as Tet, the Moon Festival or Open Day, the highlight is undoubtedly AIS Celebrates (for primary schools students) and the annual production (for secondary students).

School Camps

At AIS school camps operate at different year levels.  Costs are included in school fees. Camps are a great way to create and enhance friendships across the year groups, learn new skills, practice resilience, teamwork and responsibility.

Primary school camps especially support the IB learner profile, especially that of being a risk taker. They are a great opportunity for students to step out of their comfort zone, try something new and develop very important life skills.

All camps encourage resilience – whether that be dealing with the first night away from home, or undertaking a challenge one has never done before. In a world where things are constantly changing and evolving, the ability to have that inner resilience and character is indeed a personal quality that is vital to success in today’s society.