The Kindergarten at Thao Dien and Thu Thiem Campus follow a structure of learning, development and care for children from two years old to five years old. At Xi Campus we offer our programme to children from 18 months old to five years old.

From the age of three years old, children follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP).

Through play, in a secure but challenging environment with effective adult support children can:

  • explore, develop and represent learning experiences that help them to make sense of the world
  • practice and build up ideas, concepts and skills
  • learn to understand the need for rules
  • take risks and make mistakes
  • think creatively and imaginatively
  • communicate with others as they investigate or solve problems

The stage of development is as important as age, so this acts only as a guide and we communicate closely with parents to ensure that each unique child is placed in the most appropriate ‘base’.

In each base, the children have free-flow access to all classes and outside areas for their play and the adults are collectively responsible for learning and development. On a weekly basis the teachers rotate through the unit, teaching, supporting and observing a mix of teacher-led activities, adult-supported play and self-initiated play.

Each base has an overseas trained teacher, mainly from the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Each base also has a Vietnamese trained teacher.

There are also specialist teachers for swimming, physical education, music and Vietnamese Language and Culture.

AIS offers a choice of three campuses for Kindergarten:

  • Thao Dien and Thu Thiem Campus: parents have a choice of “Mornings” or “Full Days” programmes
  • Xi Campus: parents have a choice of “Mornings” or “Full Days” programmes as well as “Extended” day programmes