what parents say



Australian Parent

After deciding to make the move to Vietnam in 2016, our first agenda item was placing our 15 year old son and 10 year old daughter in the most appropriate school. From the outset, AIS personnel provided us with a level of reassurance that our children’s education would be in safe hands. Harrison and Holly have now completed two years at AIS and upon reflection our entire family could not have hoped for a more seamless transition.

AIS provides modern facilities, a safe environment along with extensive co-curricular opportunities where all students are encouraged and supported. The AIS teaching staff are incredibly dedicated and were quick to identify both our children’s individual strengths and qualities. Whilst there is pressure to perform, in particular the senior years, the teaching staff deliver the curriculum in a way that promotes learning, self-responsibility and accountability. We have observed this over the past 18 months where both children have grown from being dependent to increasingly more independent learners.

As parents, we believe that AIS will provide both Holly and Harrison the resilience, confidence and knowledge to embrace what lies beyond AIS



Hong Kong Parent

Our son has been at AIS since 2014. We chose AIS because of the school’s philosophy in developing our son to be a respectful and responsible individual, who contributes to society. 

The Principal, class teachers and assistant teachers are full of love for the students. They care about their development in all areas and give professional advice. 

Our son Jay really enjoys AIS. He has made many gentle and kind friends. He progresses well at school and this builds confidence.

I would definitely recommend AIS to our friends.



Vietnamese Parent

My children are Van Anh (Harper) in Year 9 and Dang Khoa in Senior Kindergarten at Thu Thiem. The staff and teachers at AIS provide an excellent educational environment. My children have become more responsible and are able to manage their own time effectively. They are happy to go to school every day and we are pleased with their academic results.

AIS is a real sense of community among teachers, students and parents. We were impressed with the strong academic focus as well as the values-centred program that AIS offers.

I strongly recommend AIS as a place where each child finds personal attention and support, where his talents and skills will be noticed and developed, where each child gets lessons in humanity kindness and respect.


Vietnamese Parent

Since my son was 15 years old, he wanted to attend AIS. I saw the determination in him two years ago and I knew I needed to support him.

Obviously AIS is quite popular and has a good educational environment. I was concerned whether my son, just starting Year 12, would adapt well into the international school system with so many students from different countries. I remember the first day, when we attended Orientation, all of my concerns were addressed clearly by the teachers. A few days into the school year, with the support from his Homeroom Teacher, my son became familiar with the school’s activities. All study information is shared timely and fully via Managebac. As a parent, I can stay up to date on my son’s learning status.

I am now confident and happy with my decision and that my son entered AIS. His confidence, his satisfaction and his learning progress are good illustrations of this decision. Others do ask which school he attends. The AIS name comes naturally with consensus from everybody.