Parent & Friends Group (PFG)

PFG Aims

Parents, caregivers and other friends of AIS have collaborated to form the active Parents and Friends Group (PFG). The PFG aims to:

  • Strengthen and enhance the parent and school partnership through organising social, cultural and sporting activities
  • Positively impact the experiences of AIS children and their families; building upon the community spirit
  • Represent and reflect the nationalities within the wider AIS community

PFG Meetings

The PFG comprises families and AIS staff members who are directly associated with the school.  Parents of AIS students are automatically members and are welcome to attend and/or drop into meetings.

PFG monthly meetings are generally held on the first Tuesday of each month, starting at 8.15am. Lasting approximately 45 minutes, the meetings are held at the Cherry Blossom campus in the Multipurpose Room. Notification about, and minutes will be loaded onto Managebac.

PFG Events

The events that the PFG gets involved in include:

  • Coffee mornings including those welcoming new families
  • Information Evenings, discussing various subjects such as Third Culture Kids; You Drive Me Wild—Realistic Parenting
  • Mufti day / baking charity fundraisers
  • Walk n’ Wheels charity fundraiser
  • Arts evening
  • International Day
  • AIS Celebrates
  • Halloween

PFG Roles and Responsibilities

The PFG hopes to utilise the wealth of experience and skills we have in our school community through offering a number of important PFG positions that you can apply for, some of which are:

  • Chairperson
  • Communications manager
  • Treasurer
  • Newcomers’ Coordinator
    • New families joining AIS are offered support and assistance from the PFG’s Newcomers Committee, including a point of contact and providing the essential Newcomers welcome Notes.
  • Class Parent Coordinator
    • This individual liaises and assists Class Parents who are responsible for:
      • Facilitating family social events such as play dates
      • Assisting teachers by coordinating volunteers to help with classroom events and excursions
  • PFG Photographer

Recruiting for these vacancies for the next academic year happens in May and positions are open to all interested members of the AIS community.

In, addition there are opportunities to be involved in short term / seasonal projects as the academic year progresses.  Some of these opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Newcomers Committee
  • Information Evenings coordination
  • International Day
  • Art Evening committee

PFG Email: