Alumni Students

AIS students are integral to the life and soul of the School. They contribute to the culture and ethos of the School and create a vibrant place to learn and play. Even when they leave the School, they continue to be a significant member of AIS. They can still continue to make an impact and influence how the School develops. With that view, the AIS Alumni has been set up to:

  • support ex-students relocating to a new area/University/workplace
  • enable ex-students of AIS to support the School and its growth, in various ways

Throughout the year, the AIS Alumni association will organise events specifically for members of the Alumni. These include:

  • Buddy-in-the-City (pairing AIS students to each other in the same city for peer support)
  • Annual Reunion Dinner in Vietnam
  • City Meet-ups (taking place in major cities like London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, Melbourne, Sydney)
  • Work and Study Conferences (study pathways, career)
  • Outstanding Alumni Award
  • Online networking
  • Newsletter for Alumni

So please sign up using the form below. We look forward to staying connected with you!