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Why choose AIS as your school?

Australian International School (AIS) is not only one of the leading premium international schools in Vietnam, but also the only international school in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) with premium boarding. We provide students from across the world with an exceptional educational experience from Kindergarten to Year 13. 

Students learn from highly qualified and largely expatriate teachers in open, spacious campuses. Because we offer the world's top international education programmes of IB and Cambridge (IGCSE), students develop the critical skills of inquiry, creativity, and innovation, helping them become global citizens.

We support each student to achieve their full academic potential, nurture a love of the arts, become involved in and passionate about sport, and develop the resilience to overcome challenges. Our Australian values of fairness and a have-a-go attitude, combined with a world-class curriculum, drive this ambition.

As an Inspired school, we belong to a leading global premium schools group, offering excellence in Kindergarten to Year 13 education to over 50,000 students. Inspired's international network of 70 schools, across 20 countries on five continents, delivers proven best practice from every corner of the globe - to ensure learning at AIS is world-class. 

We welcome new students to start at any time. Our admission team members are carefully chosen, so you receive the very best advice and service when you enquire at AIS. 

Please contact us to find out more about AIS or arrange a campus visit.

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At AIS, we know that a good teacher makes all the difference to student learning. The School always seeks to ensure we employ and retain the best staff. Our teaching must not only be qualified in their field, but also have a teaching qualification and suitable experience as well. Specialist teachers are employed who are experts in their field. AIS teachers and support teachers know how to challenge and support children in their learning. The Council of International Schools commended AIS on the high level of respect between staff and students at AIS. Many of our teaching staff come from Australia and New Zealand, and over 30% have a Masters Degree. All primary school classes are supported by a fully qualified Vietnamese support teacher, while our administration staff are also highly qualified and very capable.

ACG-AIS-Teaching Staff-Andrew-Masterton

Andrew Masterton | Humanities Teacher

Ms. Mijeong

Ms Mijeong Kim Parent of 3 students at AIS

‘So far, I am very satisfied with their school lives. During the last two years, I have experienced so many great things from AIS in terms of online learning and offline learning....


Mrs Hang Nguyen Parent of a Year 5 Student at AIS

‘Hello! I am Viet Nghia’s mother and my son is a Year 5 student at Australian International School (AIS). My child transferred from a Vietnamese local school, so when starting at AIS, his level of English wasn’t so high. Initially, my family was very worried and afraid that he would not be able to keep up with his fellow classmates. What has been amazing though is that despite the fact my son joined the school not...



Mrs Nguyen Thanh Thao Parent of a Graduate Student at AIS

My name is Thao, and my son, Bob (Mai Phuoc Minh Quan) studied at Australian International School, (AIS), recently graduating in the class of 2020. I can confidently say that the years that he spent at this school were among the best years of his education. First of all, because he was able to access AIS’s well-rounded curriculum. Both the IGCSE and the IB Diploma are accepted world-wide, which opens up numerous opportunities for him. In addition, the challenges Bob...

A guide on international schools in Vietnam

There are several criteria for parents and students to choose an international school nowadays. It can be the curriculum, level of safety, good-quality facilities and the well-being of students, as well as the educational environment. With 15 years experience in the premium educational sector, Australian International School (AIS) is an example of a leading international school in Vietnam, which parents should consider when investing in their children’s future. AIS is proud of its friendly Australian spirit and is well-known as a modern IB World School based in Ho Chi Minh City. It is has an internationally-accepted accreditation from the Council of International Schools, (CIS), well-trained and highly-qualified international teachers. At AIS, we focus on students and help them reach their full potential.

Australian International School (AIS) offers international IB & IGCSE programmes to help students achieve academic excellence. AIS is well-known for its large and modern campuses, located in very accessible, safe and vibrant parts of Ho Chi Minh City. Students become effective learners through experiencing active and values-focused learning experiences at an early age; one of the best forms of education. AIS is the top choice of expatriates who want to be sure their students will succeed in the global academic landscape. AIS prides itself on the internationally-accepted accreditations it has received over the years from the Council of International Schools (CIS), the International Baccalaureate (IB) for PYP and DP programmes, and from Cambridge Assessment Examinations' International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

In today's global and interconnected world, many families are not only looking for the best learning opportunities for their children in their local area; they are also looking for a school that will enhance their children's learning experience and provide them with an internationally-minded attitude that will stay with them throughout their lives. As a result of that, international education can help students:

  • Learn about other cultures and perspectives
  • Develop a global network of life-long friends and connections
  • Impress universities and future employers
  • Interact with faculty, staff and other international students with a global perspective
  • Be part of a truly diverse community

Though Vietnam has many international schools ranging from those based in Hanoi (the capital) to its biggest economic hub - Ho Chi Minh City, the international schooling system in Vietnam has similar basic requirements:

  • International schools are currently open to all students from 2 to 18 years old who carry a foreign passport or are residents of Vietnam. International students should hold appropriate visas that allow them to live and study in Vietnam.
  • Most international schools use English as the main language of instruction. All students whose first language is not English are expected to commit to learn English as a means of participating fully in the programmes and taking part in international examinations at schools. International schools offer English as an Additional Language (EAL) support classes to those students who are identified as not being fluent in English for their programmes.
  • All parents and students can participate in Open Days to visit schools or they can contact the school's admissions to arrange private school tours.
  • The interviews and assessment process vary depending on each private school.

For more information on the admissions process of Australian International School (AIS), kindly contact us. Our dedicated admissions staff will support you one-on-one on your journey to find the best international school in Ho Chi Minh City.

Australian education is world class. Not only is the Australian education system well-known around the world, but it is also admired for its dare-to-try spirit, producing an educated and hands-on workforce that meets the needs of the labour market. Australian International School (AIS) is honoured to offer the Australian spirit and also its recognised, international education programmes that are tailor-made to ensure the individual growth of students.

Students applying to AIS must demonstrate that they have the academic ability, skills and knowledge to follow the international curriculum at AIS successfully. As part of the enrolment process, all students are tested for their English language ability. A compulsory English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme will be provided to students who are offered a place at AIS and require this support. All prospective students will also meet the relevant Principal or the Deputy Principal, as part of the enrolment process. Children with learning difficulties will meet with the Principal and Learning Support co-ordinator before a place at the school can be confirmed

For more information on the admissions process of Australian International School (AIS), kindly contact us. Our dedicated admissions staff will support you one-on-one on your journey to find the best international school in Ho Chi Minh City.

Australian International School (AIS) is known for its high-standard education and its dynamic co-curricular programmes. From tailor-made international curricular that meets the specific needs of each student, to welfare lessons timetabled for every class across AIS, the school delivers age-specific learning, supporting AIS students in their development. Campus life at AIS is the best. Students will love the diversity of AIS, its cultural experiences and the Australian way of life. Embrace it and open up to new ideas and new people!

Education in Vietnam is a state-run system of public and private education run by the Ministry of Education and Training. It is divided into five levels: preschool, primary school, secondary school, high school, and higher education. Formal education consists of 12 years of basic education. Basic education consists of five years of primary education, four years of secondary education, and three years of high school education. The majority of basic education students are enrolled on a daily basis.

Ho Chi Minh City has several different international schools. To choose the right international school for children, parents must have concerned about the curriculums and the environment of the school. After all, we would like our children to study and live in an international environment.

Australian International School is an example of "the best of both worlds". It has a comprehensive curriculum for students from Kindergarten to the Senior class. For the Kindergarten and Primary (from Years 1-6), AIS is based on the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP). Meanwhile, the Lower Secondary (from Years 7-11) following the Cambridge Lower Secondary Curriculum and IGCSE program; then comeback at IB Diploma Programme at Senior year from Years 12-13.

By using both IB Diploma curriculum and the Cambridge curriculum, students of Australian International School will get used to the international curriculum. It is extremely useful for students who seek to go abroad because IB Dilopma has internationally accepted accreditation applied to many schools. By experiencing the methodical education system, AIS is considered as one of the best international schools in HCMC and we believe AIS can help your children reach their dream.

Ho Chi Minh City becomes an attractive place for many international students due to many reasons. The quality of international schools in Vietnam is similar to other countries thanks to the expansion and development of the education industry in Vietnam. Besides, the cost of living is relatively cheap compared to other developed countries in Asia. Ho Chi Minh City gradually becomes a hot spot for international students. Located at Thu Thiem – one of the busiest places for foreign communities, Australian International School is a favorite place for international students. This is one of the best international schools in Vietnam with the friendly environment and high-quality boarding services that provide many benefits for international students. Come and visit Australian International School, you will be immersed with the culture of this school!

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