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Australian International School (AIS) is not only one of the leading premium international schools in Vietnam, but it is the only international school in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) to provide premium boarding facilities to Secondary School students, demonstrating comprehensive, world-class private education.

From Kindergarten to the Baccalaureate division, all students benefit from access to cutting-edge resources and specially-designed curriculums to support engagement in learning. They gain an exceptional educational experience and enjoy extra-curricular activities, leading to wide-ranging skills, outstanding academic results and internationally-recognised qualifications.

A personalised approach to modern schooling ensures every child is encouraged to thrive whilst studying the world's top international programmes, including the IB and the IGCSE courses. During their education, students develop additional critical skills of enquiry, creativity, and innovation, helping them to thrive as individuals, community leaders and valued global citizens.

International teaching staff

Our diverse school community of highly-qualified, largely expatriate international teaching staff and well-rounded students, spans 40 nationalities. We are proud of our heritage: a unique combination of high-quality Australian private education, within a richly-cultured learning environment ideal for day and boarding students.  

Highest IB and (I)GCSE Results

Outstanding Teaching for World-Class Results

Each member of the AIS faculty is committed to pupils’ ongoing pastoral and academic well-being, supporting Kindergarten to Secondary pupils to reach their full academic potential - an integral pillar of Inspired education - while encouraging the maintenance of global achievement standards. In a further demonstration of success, specially selected teachers nurture pupils' love of the arts and a passion for sports - the second and third pillar of a well-rounded approach to the award-winning holistic Inspired education offered in lessons. Significantly, the teaching community actively hones resilience in learners, allowing them to confidently overcome challenges with creative problem-solving. 

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Outstanding Level of Education

Outstanding Level of Education

AIS's educational model offers a unique approach to private international schooling. We aim to instil the Australian values of fairness and comradery with a 'dare-to-try' spirit, while ensuring we provide a safe, supportive environment conducive to developing confidence in multi-skilled, respectful individuals. 

The happiness of our student community and our growing record of excellent results prove that our international school offers an ideal high-quality educational experience in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

When selecting AIS, parents can rest assured that their children will receive an outstanding level of education, make new friends from around the world and thrive in an inclusive and supportive environment. 

An Inspired School

An Inspired School

As an Inspired school, we belong to a leading global group of premium schools, offering excellence in Kindergarten to Year 13 education. With 60,000+ students in over 80 schools across more than 23 countries, Inspired delivers proven best practices in schooling to every corner of the globe, ensuring consistent world-class learning at AIS.  

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Cambridge Assessment

A Guide to International schools in Vietnam:

There are several factors for parents and students to consider when choosing an international school. Criteria may include:  

  • The type of international curriculum on offer    
  • The level of safety on campus   
  • The quality of facilities    
  • The well-being of students   
  • The educational environment  

With 15 years of experience in the premium education sector, AIS is a fine example of a leading international academic institution. The dynamic school is a renowned International Baccalaureate World School (IB) and only selects highly-qualified, motivated, and passionate teaching staff, who actively maintain a safe and engaging learning environment.  

Australian International School (AIS) offers a universally-recognised educational experience. Both the International Baccalaureate (IB), and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) programmes are delivered by a mixed-specialist staff of largely expatriate teachers. As an English-speaking school, they assist students in achieving worldwide academic excellence. Many staff members have received professional training in Australia and bring forth a background of Aussie energy, and specialist knowledge.  

AIS school is the top choice for expatriates who want to ensure their children receive an outstanding education and become active participants in their learning. Students are encouraged to focus on the life-long values gained throughout their broad learning experience at AIS.  

The internationally accepted accreditations the school has received over the years reflect the school’s mission as a premium academic institution AIS graduates receive qualifications with the endorsement from The Council of International Schools (CIS), the International Baccalaureate (IB) for the PYP and DP programmes, and the Cambridge Assessment Examinations' board in their accreditation of the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) programme.  

We live in a global and interconnected world where many families seek the best long-term learning opportunities for their children. AIS offers a one-of-a-kind private school journey that will enhance a child's learning experience indefinitely, while supporting an internationally-focused mindset that will benefit them for life.  

  • International education can help students:   
  • Learn about other cultures and perspectives   
  • Develop a global network of lifelong friends and connections   
  • Impress universities and future employers   
  • Interact with faculty staff and other international students with a well-rounded global perspective global perspective   
  • Participate in a genuinely diverse community   

Although Vietnam has many international schools across the country - ranging from those based in Hanoi, to those in the most prominent economic hub, Ho Chi Minh City - international schools across Vietnam have similar entry requirements*.  

Vietnamese international schools are currently open to all children aged 2 to 18 years who either carry a foreign passport, or are Vietnamese nationals. International students should hold an appropriate visa to live and study in Vietnam. 

Most Vietnamese international education providers use English as their primary teaching language. Students who do not speak English as a first language will be expected to learn English to immerse themselves fully in the programmes and take part in international examinations. International schools may offer English as an Additional Language (EAL) support classes to learners identified as not fluent in English.  

All parents and students are welcome to attend an Open Day to learn more about the EAL curriculum and AIS’s other accredited international courses. Alternatively, complete the Enquiry Form to learn more about the requirements for enrolment at AIS.  

*Please note: The interviews and assessment process may vary depending on the specific criteria of each private school in Vietnam.  

For more information on the admissions process at AIS, please contact the Admissions Service based in Ho Chi Minh, via the Enquiry Form. The dedicated Admissions Service is happy to facilitate your journey in finding the best international school in HCMC.  

Students applying to Australian International School must demonstrate that they have the academic ability, skills, and knowledge to follow the international curriculum successfully. As part of the enrolment process, all students are tested for their English language ability. A compulsory English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme will be provided for students who are offered a place and require this support. All prospective students will also meet the relevant Principal or Deputy Principal. Children with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) needs will meet with the Principal and Learning Support coordinator to ensure appropriate provision can be made.  

Please contact the Admissions Service via the Enquiry Form for further information on the international curriculum and to earn more about AIS's bespoke application process. 

The student community across the three AIS campuses are happy and well-supported in each aspect of their international schooling. As a multilingual school, they receive an immersive English language experience and an exceptional level of education, with consistent support from highly-qualified teachers throughout their learning journey. Dynamic co-curricular programmes and tailor-made internationally-focussed schemes of work are hallmarks of the premium educational environment AIS is known for. 

In addition, welfare lessons are timetabled for every student to ensure their continued well-being. With the chance to meet other students from all over the world, members of the student body embrace and enjoy a diverse range of cultures, while making life-long friends in a wonderfully vibrant and welcoming campus setting. 

Education in Vietnam is a state-run public and private education system overseen by the Ministry of Education and Training. Schooling is divided into five levels: Kindergarten/Preschool, Primary School, Secondary School, High School, and Higher Education. Vietnamese formal education consists of twelve 12 years of basic education; five years of Primary School, four years of Secondary School, and three years of High School. 

Ho Chi Minh City has several different international schools. To choose the right international school for children, parents must have concerned about the curriculums and the environment of the school. After all, we would like our children to study and live in an international environment.

Australian International School is an example of "the best of both worlds". It has a comprehensive curriculum for students from Kindergarten to the Senior class. For the Kindergarten and Primary (from Years 1-6), AIS is based on the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP). Meanwhile, the Lower Secondary (from Years 7-11) following the Cambridge Lower Secondary Curriculum and IGCSE program; then comeback at IB Diploma Programme at Senior year from Years 12-13. 

By using both IB Diploma curriculum and the Cambridge curriculum, students of Australian International School will get used to the international curriculum. It is extremely useful for students who seek to go abroad because IB Diploma has internationally accepted accreditation applied to many schools. By experiencing the methodical education system, AIS is considered as one of the best international schools in HCMC and we believe AIS can help your children reach their dream.

Ho Chi Minh City becomes an attractive place for many international students due to many reasons. The quality of international schools in Vietnam is similar to other countries thanks to the expansion and development of the education industry in Vietnam. Besides, the cost of living is relatively cheap compared to other developed countries in Asia. Ho Chi Minh City gradually becomes a hot spot for international students. Located at Thu Thiem – one of the busiest places for foreign communities, Australian International School is a favorite place for international students. This is one of the best international schools in Vietnam with the friendly environment and high-quality boarding services that provide many benefits for international students. Come and visit Australian International School, you will be immersed with the culture of this school!

We welcome new students of all ages throughout the academic year. 

Please contact us for further information regarding AIS's international curriculum, or to book a campus visit.