A Colourful Look at Festivals and Celebrations – Holi 2021

A Colourful Look at Festivals and Celebrations – Holi 2021

Year 2 at Australian International School (AIS) have been inquiring into how diverse world communities recognise important events through celebrations and traditions. Throughout the year the students have had the opportunity to explore and experience authentic celebrations and traditions. Through these celebrations’ students appreciate diverse cultures and religions, creating a bond of understanding, shared connections and development of open-mindedness.

This week Year 2 explored The Hindu festival of Holi which marks the arrival of spring, widely known as the Festival of Colour, and celebrates spring, colour, and love, as well as the triumph of good versus evil. The festival was enthusiastically celebrated by both children and staff. They researched and explored the cultural importance of Holi including the symbols, foods, stories and traditions. The day concluded with a Festival of Colour where the children and teachers threw an organic powdered paint called gulal over each other. It was a wonderful day of colour, learning and fun.

At Australian International School (AIS), we aim to develop students with an international mindset. We want our students to see themselves as connected to the global community and appreciate and value the diversity of cultures in the world by making an effort to learn more about them. Through our Primary Years Curriculum, we are able to foster this key mindset to ensure our students prepared for the challenges of an increasingly diverse global community.

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Rachel Laffey