A Student’s Perspective: Why I Love Art

A Student’s Perspective: Why I Love Art

Long been taught, encouraged and showcased, Art at AIS is a subject deemed fundamental and one in which every student should be given the opportunity to develop in. Over the years, AIS has been lucky enough to uncover some incredible passions and talents and as a result has seen outstanding, unique and thought-provoking pieces of art.

Witnessing such motivations and skills, AIS wanted to dig a little deeper and decided to visit some students in AIS’s Art Department to find out more. Whilst there, the students showed us some of the projects they were currently working on, and we took the opportunity to ask them some questions directly. Firstly, why they loved the subject so much and secondly, why they thought Art was important to be taught in schools.


Why do you enjoy studying Art?

“I love art because of how limitless it is. Studying many artists and their styles fuels my understanding of their techniques and views of the world, which I find fascinating. That and the ability to create worlds with endless possibilities, to create characters, tell stories, to make others feel inspired, is why I love studying so much!” Mary Bindzus, Year 10

Mary Bindzus, Year 10

“I’m learning art simply because it’s my hobby. Apart from that, I’d like to try and become a freelance illustrator in the future. I enjoy posting my Art on social media and thus, art connects me to many other people online across the world.” Katie Tran, Year 9

Katie Tran, Year 9

“I like art. I like seeing art, like hearing art, making art, I really enjoy it. It enables me to have better comparison, judgment, and creativity.” JinMing Shi, Year 9 

JinMing Shi, Year 9


Why is Art an important subject to be taught in schools? 

“I think art is important because it lets people be themselves, allow their imagination to run wild, give people the ability to express their opinions and feelings to the world through different art mediums. Art helps inspire people, encourage people, entertain people. Art, I think brings people together.” Mary Bindzus, Year 10

Mary’s artwork

“To other people, art could be a hobby or a subject they must attend at school. In my point of view, Art is something I need in order to reach my goal.” Katie Tran, Year 9

Katie’s artwork

“The most important meaning of art is that it allows people to have a better ability to compare, judge, associate, and create, as well as have a stronger expression and a chance to acquire performance skills in the field of art.” JinMing Shi, Year 9

JinMing’s artwork

For AIS, the school is a firm believer of the importance of Art and knows that while the subject can reveal some outstanding talent, the school also understands how Art can greatly support all students, regardless of ability. At a young age for example, teaching Art helps children with the development of their basic motor and language skills, and for their creativity and decision making. As students grow up, Art also becomes incredibly useful in learning perspective, problem solving, and critical thinking.

For students who are very passionate about the subject, Art is a fantastic foundation and highly relevant for a broad range of careers. It can therefore be the first step in discovering the drive to be an architect, digital designer, or multimedia artist, among many others.

Check out our News and Events page to find out more information on Art at AIS and other activities throughout the school.

Thank you to Mary, Katie and JinMing for giving us their time and sharing their thoughts with AIS.