AIS band programme

AIS has created its first concert band. We performed as part of the Wizard of Oz school production. Our is concert band is made up of flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, piano, percussion/ drum kit, guitar and bass guitar.

In the Wizard of Oz production, we performed many standard Broadway songs such as ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’, ‘Ding Dong the Witch is Dead’, ‘Wake me up Before You Go Go’ and ‘Emerald City Green’ by the famous musician/composer, Quincey Jones. This song is a rhythmically difficult song to perform and it featured our talented bass guitarist, Elise Payong and pianist Jiwan Min.  Our production concert band rehearsed over many lunchtimes and weekends to learn the sheet music. All members worked to a high standard and the Wizard of Oz production was a fantastic learning opportunity for our students.

During class Year 7-10 students have been part of a class concert band. They have been learning to play concert band instruments, flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets and trombones. It is the first time AIS has provided students with this excellent opportunity to learn to play and perform on a concert band instrument. Learning to play an instrument and reading notated music is part of secondary music curricula. Our students are enjoying the challenges of learning to play an instrument.

The AIS Concert Band is made up of woodwind and brass instruments and we rehearse every Friday lunchtime. As students improve on their instrument in music lessons, they are welcome to attend concert band rehearsals. The concert band is a growing ensemble and soon we will have over 50 students playing in the concert band. If parents have any flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpet or trombones that they are no longer using and they would like to donate them to AIS, The AIS music department would love to have them for our students to use.  Please contact Mr Sweeney (Band Master) for instrument donations.