Senior Kindergarten Teacher

Kimberly Roberts


Junior Kindergarten Teacher

Higher Graduate Diploma of Education (Pre-primary); Graduate diploma in Education (Primary) South Africa, TEFL, Cache Level 4 (UK)  

Estelle Jennings has been in Early Years Education for 40 years, of which 27 years have been in International Schools (Namibia, Swaziland, Botswana, Indonesia, Dubai, Vietnam). She has extensive experience in both teaching and administration. She is passionate about providing children with a safe, caring and stimulating environment where they can develop the needed skills to prepare them for a future of learning and at the same time become well-balanced global citizens.  Outside of school, Estelle enjoys reading, painting, spending time in nature, travelling to new destinations, and learning from different cultures.  

Her educational motto is ‘Reflect and learn from the lessons of yesterday to inform the learning of today to create the leaders of tomorrow’ 



Support Teacher

Hoang Linh Huong