AIS student, Dao Mai Chi receives World Scholars’ Cup 2016

Congratulations to our Year 8 student, DAO Mai Chi, for winning the Top 5% Individual Challenge, 1st Place Top Challenge Teams, 1st Place Scholar’s Bowl, 1stPlace School Top Scholar and many 1st place in other categories of the World Scholars’ Cup Ho Chi Minh City Round 2016.
Mai Chi competed against more than 400 students from other international schools (ISHCM, BVIS, Wellsping, etc.) as well as top Vietnamese selected schools including Tran Dai Nghia, Nguyen Du and so on.
Globally, Mai Chi is ranked 3rd among participating students from over 45 countries (Dulwich Beijing, Shanghai, Switzerland, German Swiss Hong Kong…
Mai Chi swept all the top prizes in the Ho Chi Minh City round for Debate, Writing, Literature, History, Social Studies and Overall Challenge (knowledge over 6 subject areas).
More importantly, the competition has cultivated in her not just academic knowledge and skills but a love of lifelong learning.