AIS students change lives of deprived and under-privileged children

On Saturday 28 June 2016, a group of Secondary students and some teachers represented the School to unveil the newly built toilets at the Thot Lot Primary School in a deprived area of Thot Lot.

The initiative was driven by the Student Council Representative at AIS, after seeing that children at the Thot Lot Primary School had no access to basic sanitation, which imposes a serious threat on their health and safety.

ais-in-thot-lotOver the last 8 months, the student community has been raising funds, through a variety of activities and initiatives at school, with the aim of building a toilet with clean water for the under-privileged children of this poor rural school. A total of more than 110 million VND was raised for this meaningful initiative.

The project resonates with the view of UNICEF Executive Director, Mr Anthony Lake: “The absence of adequate sanitation has a serious impact on health and social development, especially for children. Investments in improving sanitation will accelerate progress… and save lives.

Thank you to the entire AIS community for coming together on this worthy cause to change the lives of the less fortunate.

Thank you letter is from Loreto