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Record Breaking IB Diploma Results For Inspired Students

Inspired schools post a record group average score of 36, demonstrating their commitment to academic excellence across the globe.

London, 6 July 2021 – Students at Inspired Education Group (“Inspired”) schools across the world have again secured record, world beating International Baccalaureate (“IB”) Diploma Programme results. Inspired schools posted a record group average point score of 36, which is an exceptional outcome for schools that are mostly non-selective. Top end scores were again outstanding, with 36 % of students at Inspired schools achieving over 38 points, the threshold for Oxbridge entry, up over 6% versus last year; over 23% of Inspired students obtained more than 40 points compared to 13% at this level globally; 14 of Inspired’s 17 IB schools reported record results and incredibly over 60% of students were awarded the prized bilingual diploma.

A number of Inspired students, from International School of Milan, Sotogrande International School, St George’s International School, Switzerland, the European International School in Vietnam and International School of Monza achieved the maximum coveted 45 points, placing them in the top 0.5% of IB students in the world.
Students at St. Louis School, Archinto in Milan again averaged 38 points, with a cohort of over 100 students – continuing the school’s leading position in Continental Europe with an average score of 37 for the past 7 years.
Mirabal International School in Madrid was one of Inspired’s 12 IB schools to post record results this year, achieving a superb average score of 39.

St George’s International School in Montreux also broke records with students averaging 37 points.
Inspired’s International School of Milan, International School of Monza, International School Toledo, Colegio San Patricio Soto and International School Modena all excelled with over 36 points average, and students at Sotogrande International School in Spain again posted great results of 35.

In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Inspired’s European International School achieved an excellent average of 35, and the Australian International School an excellent 34, with Blue Valley School in Costa Rica also securing a record 35 average points.

Nadim Nsouli, Founder and CEO of Inspired Education Group noted “we could not be prouder of our students and the teachers who inspire them, for such an extraordinary set of results. This success was well deserved in the most difficult of years; students dug deep to show their depth of character and achieve their full potential, led by superb teachers who switched seamlessly between online, hybrid and in person teaching, to ensure student aspirations were undiminished by any restrictions. We now have one of the largest professional learning communities in the world for sharing best practice across our global network of over 70 amazing schools, spanning 5 continents – it is so rewarding to see the incredible impact this has on student learning and outcomes.

Nicholas Wergan, Inspired’s Global Education Director, added “such record-breaking success has enabled Inspired students to graduate once more into the very best universities in the world. It is a privilege to see the exceptional talent in our schools achieve such deserved success through their grit and hard work, and the dedication and innovation of our excellent teachers.”


AIS Yearbook 2020 – 2021

The 2020/21 Class Yearbook has now available in a digital magazine for all our students and families. This is a fantastic chance for everyone to look back on all the memories from the latest school year. Hard copies will be available at the beginning of the new academic year for all students. 


AIS Celebrates Best-ever IB Results!

STUDENTS at a leading international school in Ho Chi Minh City were today celebrating the school’s best-ever IB Diploma exam results. 

Graduates from the Australian International School (AIS) achieved 100% pass rate for the IB Diploma – the first time in the school’s history this has been achieved. The global average is around 88.8%. 

A total of 89 AIS students – the largest graduating cohort in the school’s history – studied for IB exams. As well as an incredible 100% pass rate, the students’ average points total was 35, the second-highest in AIS history. The global average points’ total is 33.

As a result, many AIS students are now heading to the world’s leading universities. These include Hoang Kim Thu Do and Keun Woo PARK (David), who both scored 44 out of 45 points, putting them in the top 1% of IB students worldwide.

In addition, an amazing 13% of students were awarded 40 points or more, also far above the global average.

The IB Diploma is the world’s leading pre-university course for 16-18 year olds. It offers a challenging academic programme but also aims to improve students’ personal development and leadership skills – qualities that universities look for.  

Mark Beales, IB Diploma Coordinator, said: “These are another set of fantastic results. I am delighted that our students can now head off to their dream universities. 

“Our experienced and dedicated teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure these students achieve their full potential. In addition, the students showed great resilience when studying online during various lockdowns to complete their work. They fully deserve these excellent results.”  

AIS, which opened in 2006, offers an international education for students aged from 18 months to 18 years. Its curriculum is based around IB’s Primary Years Programme (PYP), Cambridge IGCSEs and the IB Diploma. AIS also offers the only boarding facilities for international school students in Vietnam. 

For more on AIS’s IB Diploma options, visit


The Language of Sticks, Twigs and Clay

The Australian International School (AIS) XI Campus recently opened their new ‘creativity and curiosity classroom’ to their Infant, Kindergarten and senior KG students. This “Atelier” gives the students an opportunity to come together and explore through an invitation to play. One of the first projects they explored was making their very own Stick Man, based on the story by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. They approached this through the medium of clay.

The children first enjoyed the story at assembly. This story centres on Stick Man, who lives in the family tree and ventures out into the wilderness, where he catches the interest of all sorts of characters. The Assembly gave the children a chance to talk about the story and start to thinking about making their own Stick Man.

The children were then given the clay, to freely discover, investigate and explore. They learned clay can be shaped using their hands or different tools, and were fascinated as it changed shape. Clay was not just some messy fun but acted as a language for exploring and communicating.

The children then combined the clay with objects like sticks, twigs and buttons to bring their own versions of Stick Man to life. This activity also helped develop their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and the use of hand and wrist muscles which are essential to pre-reading and pre-writing skills.

The youngest to the oldest worked peacefully and collaboratively to create some amazing Stick Men!

The use of playful exploration with activities like The Stick Man reinforces the AIS Kindergarten philosophy that, through playful exploration, inquiry and discovery we build caring, confident and capable learners.

Rachel Laffey


AIS’ Senior Concert Band Gave An Outstanding Performance At The Saimuse Charity Concert

On April 24th spirits were raised as Ho Chi Minh City was treated to the 2021 Saimuse Charity Concert. “Saimuse is an organization established by students of International Schools in HCMC and has been performing annually since 2013 to help underprivileged children in Vietnam with the HCMC Union of Friendship Organization. This year, our school, AIS, SSIS, ABCIS, KIS, BIS, EIS, TAS and RISS gave amazing performances and showed their talent and teamwork.” Sian Lee MC for the concert and AIS student.

The conservatory was filled to capacity with the audience enjoying a range of music including Chamber Orchestra, String Ensembles and Concert Bands. The Australian International School (AIS) showcased their student’s talent with two concert band pieces “Sadness and Sorrow” from the tv series Naruto by Purojekuto Musashi and “Fanfare for the Third Planet by Richard.l.Saucedo.

Sian Lee from The Australian International School (AIS) acted as MC for the event, she chats about why the concert is so special. “ I think this year’s performance was exceptional and better than other years because, in my perspective, our school performed magnificently and created a masterpiece by cooperating as a team. I hope to see another amazing performance next year”

Mr Colin Burstow Director of Music at AIS shares his thoughts on this amazing evening of music “It was a fantastic opportunity for the AIS students to play in a concert setting and to create a community between the different school’s music ensembles”

The AIS’ talent also extended beyond the music room to showcasing a range of student’s art in the foyer of the concert hall.

AIS was a proud sponsor of The Saimuse Concert, raising 15,000,000 vnd during the concert and donating an additional 50,000,000 vnd to this great cause.

If you missed the performance, see some highlights from the AIS students on the video link below.

Rachel Laffey


A boost for students as Inspired Education Group completes acquisition of Wey Education plc

Dynamic combination brings together Inspired’s premium schools and excellent educational track record with Wey’s 16 years of market leadership in online schooling

London, 26 May 2021 – Inspired Education Group (‘Inspired’) – the leading global group of premium schools educating more than 50,000 students in 70 schools over five continents – has successfully completed its acquisition of Wey Education, the company announced today.

The acquisition of Wey Education, a pioneer of online teaching since 2007, which owns InterHigh, by Inspired represents a significant opportunity for InterHigh’s students to leverage Inspired’s track record of academic excellence and physical presence on 5 continents.

InterHigh students will benefit from access to Inspired teachers, whose educational philosophy and range of teaching initiatives are designed to improve learning outcomes and have resulted in outstanding examination results. One in three Inspired student progresses to Ivy League, Oxbridge and Russell Group universities.

InterHigh Students will be able to spend time in any of Inspired’s premium schools, including in the UK, and will have access to a global community of students across the entire Inspired network. This provides huge opportunities for collaborative learning, discussion, debate and interaction with others.  Students can also take part in global events such as Model United Nations, Student Leadership Conferences and Inspired partnerships with globally-renowned organisations such as Real Madrid football club and Berklee College Of Music.

Inspired’s students will, in turn, benefit from Wey’s 15 years of experience in creating and leading the online schools market in the UK and other geographies.

The combination of InterHigh’s long-standing and highly developed online learning methods with Inspired’s track record of academic outcomes and experienced teachers, will give the combined group the capability to deliver premium education using the best technology solutions for students and teachers. In addition, Inspired’s global footprint and expertise will help to bring Wey’s live teaching to a wider range of time-zones.

Inspired’s recent launch of King’s College Online in the Northern Hemisphere and acquisition of the tutoring platform Ostaz (formerly known as Synkers) combined with the Wey acquisition creates a unique ecosystem of mutually supportive online education offerings with the potential for global scale.

Nadim M Nsouli, founder and CEO of Inspired, said: “Inspired has grown to become the leading global group of premium schools by acquiring successful schools around the world and building state of the art schools from the ground up. Wey is a pioneer in online schooling. With the acquisition of Wey, Inspired is now the only global premium group capable of offering access to physical schools on five continents, a hybrid physical and online offering as well as a fully online offering.   We welcome the students and teachers of InterHigh to our group.”

Mark O’Donoghue, CEO Inspired Online Schools, said: “The coming together of Wey and Inspired represents a major step forward for secondary school teaching in the 21st century, through the combination of brilliant teachers, advanced educational methods and cutting-edge technology. It is a truly exciting prospect that will allow Inspired to be at the forefront of online and blended education, representing an incredible offer for all of our existing students and teachers, and a wonderful opportunity for our students of the future.”

Jacqueline Daniell, CEO of Wey Education, said: “The acquisition of Wey by Inspired will allow Wey to strengthen and broaden its educational offer, and expand further into new global territories. I am looking forward to working with colleagues at Inspired and building together a worldwide education group which will set new standards in excellence, both academic and applied and allow students to fulfil their dreams of success and the potential to compete with the very best in the global careers market.”


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About Inspired

Inspired owns and operates over 70 premium schools with 50,000 students enrolled across 5 continents. In October 2020, Inspired launched its online offering, King’s College Online, which blends online and offline learning with the option for students to spend time at one of Inspired’s acclaimed schools around the globe. The launch of King’s College Online makes Inspired to date the largest premium global education group to expand its educational offering with a specific online offering. Inspired was founded with the acquisition of four schools in 2013 by Nadim Nsouli.

About Wey Education

Wey Education, founded in 2007, delivers its education services directly to its customers through its online live teaching and learning platform. Wey Education has two brands: InterHigh and Academy21. Using digital technology, Wey Education operates two established divisions – InterHigh School, a non-selective fee paying online primary school, secondary school and sixth form college, and Academy21, delivering alternative provision for other educational providers, schools, local authorities and other public bodies.


Inspired Student Leadership Conference

Over the 22nd and 23rd of April, the 2021 Inspired Student Steering Committee successfully hosted the first-ever Inspired Student Leadership Conference, with over a month of prior planning and hard work.

The virtual conference was attended by fellow Inspired students from around the world, ranging from ages 7-18. On the 22nd, students and teachers who joined the conference were given the opportunity to listen to 20 different speakers, who spoke on the topics of the environment and leadership. The speakers ranged from student committees, conservation organizations and experts in high-performance environments. Shark Guardian, a global shark and marine conservation, is one of the conservation organizations whose members shared an eye-opening presentation on why sharks are important.

Some of the speakers included:

Roberto Martinez is an ex-professional football player & current manager of the Belgium National Football team (no. 1 team in the world!).

Chamathka Jayasekara is from Sri Lanka and is currently studying engineering at MONASH University Malaysia. She has had many leadership experiences: (school head girl, contest winning toastmaster and Girl Guide who represented Sri Lanka in the Juliette Low leadership seminar)

The 23rd was only open to students aged 14-18 but was just as interesting as the 22nd. On this day we had 5 speakers, 3 discussion sessions and a debate session. The speakers’ presentations were all followed by the discussion sessions and were a fun and engaging way for students to a) meet new students within their age group and b) discuss their ideas and thoughts on the topic of leadership. Some questions that we discussed were: “how can we use humour appropriately?”, “do we need to experience pain?” and, “which leadership style is the best to use?”.

Fuencisla Clemares, Google’s CEO for Spain and Portugal, gave an eye-opening talk on technology and how we can use it to create more opportunities.

Also on the 23rd, the Inspired Global Student Leadership Committees were introduced, receiving a lot of enthusiasm and support from students. The Inspired Global Student Leadership Committees includes committees covering different topics, such as environmental awareness, human rights, health & well-being and entrepreneurship, for students to come together and collaborate in order to raise awareness and create an impact within their communities. This is a fantastic opportunity to work at a global level. Interested students can either apply for an executive position or to be an active member of their preferred committee.

Mini committees were formed during this session for students to collaborate and discuss the objectives each committee should have for the future. Before the session ended, a representative of each mini committee shared what they discussed with everyone.

A post-conference summary booklet is now available so everyone can get an idea of what took place. Click on the link to download.

The 2021 Inspired Student Steering Committee has had an amazing time putting together this conference and is extremely pleased to see that we were able to create an impact from the day we first started promoting the conference. We look forward to hosting the next conference and hope that it is just as, if not more, successful than this one.

23/04 Opening ceremony


23/04 Closing ceremony. Nicholas Wergan (top left corner) is the Director of Education for Inspired. He gave a little thank you speech to end the conference.

Personally, this has been a chance to create an impact, learn from other experienced leaders and role models. This experience has also helped me figure out my passions and strengths. I cannot forget that I met a group of amazing people who are exceptional leaders to be able to look up to.

Samadhi Jayasuriya 

(member of the 2021 Inspired Student Steering Committee


World’s Top Unis Prepare To Welcome AIS Students

AIS students will soon be heading to the world’s top universities – thanks to their IB Diploma.

Year 13 students from the Australian International School (AIS) have nearly completed their final exams for the International Baccalaureate – the world’s leading course for 16-to-18 year olds.

Many have already been offered places at prestigious universities around the world thanks to their predicted grades.

Among them are Thai Nhu Quynh Nguyen, who has been offered a place to study law at King’s College London, and has also had offers from Queen Mary University London, and Monash in Australia.

Thai Nhu Quynh Nguyen

Based on her incredible artistic talents, Phuong Anh BUI (Anna), has been offered a scholarship at the The New School (Parsons School of Design), which was recently named the top art and design school in the US. Anna also received offers from the University of London (Goldsmiths), Bentley University, USA, Durham University, University of Warwick, University of Leeds, all in the UK.

Phuong Anh BUI (Anna)

Another scholarship student is Hoang Nhat Anh Phan, who will be heading to SCAD – Savannah College of Art and Design, USA.

Hoang Kim Thu Do has been offered places at University College London, King’s College London, Cardiff University, University of Sheffield, University of Loughborough, and the University of Western Australia.

Hoang Kim Thu Do

Many AIS students also head to Australia to take their degrees. Several will be studying at Monash and the University of Melbourne, while others will soon be packing their bags and starting their degrees at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Sophia University in Japan.

Mark Beales, IB Diploma Coordinator, said: ‘The IB Diploma Program opens doors to the world’s leading universities. We are delighted that so many of our students have benefitted from this, thanks to their own hard work and AIS’s dedicated teachers, who have spent many hours supporting and helping students achieve their goals.

‘As well as academic excellence, IB also helps students focus on their own personal growth, and it’s been a pleasure to see these students develop into compassionate, confident, caring young people.’


Mark Beales – IB Diploma Coordinator


Celebrating Earth Day

Earth day was a chance for The Australian International School (AIS) students to join a movement to drive enthusiasm and commitment to environmental protection. Earth Day was not just a day but a whole week of activities at AIS which gave students positive interactions with nature, taught them about their place in the world and how they can protect it throughout their lifetimes.

The teachers got the children involved in a number of creative tasks to start engaging them with the environment. These included children looking at a globe, finding their home country and communicating how to take care of the environment.

Some children completed drawings and others used recycled paper for collages to show how they would help the environment.

The children also learned how to look after plants, by replanting seedlings into bigger pots and watered the plants each day.

Earth week gave students a better understanding of the environment, how it links to everyday climate issues around them and how as individuals they can have the power to protect the earth’s future.

At Australian International School (AIS) environmental education will ensure that we have enough scientists, advocates, entrepreneurs and everyday citizens of the future who value the natural wonders of our world. Look out for more activity around the environment, including the Inspired Leadership Conference which called for young leaders to take action and work towards a sustainable future. #EarthDay #Sustainablefuture

Rachel Laffey


Mrs Nguyen Thi Nhung

Mai Chi and our family have long had a great relationship with the Australian International School (AIS) Community. After finishing grade two at a local school in Vietnam, following touring and receiving information from many other schools, I decided to enrol my daughter into AIS’s summer course programme. On the last day of that course, she cried a lot as she had to say goodbye to her teachers and all the friends she had made. Mai Chi shared that she loved AIS and would like to study at the school with her teachers and international friends. Due to our financial circumstances, however, while we would have loved for her to study at AIS, we instead at the time encouraged her to study at a newly established bilingual school. Mai Chi was quite happy with the new environment but she still dreamed about studying at a truly international school.

In the summer of Mai Chi’s fourth grade, I was informed that AIS provides academic scholarships for new secondary students by a friend whose child had just been offered one. After contacting AIS, I had a talk with Mai Chi to encourage her to apply for a scholarship, and I was surprised with how determined she was, making this her goal in her fifth grade.

Then in 2020, with Covid-19, everyone across the world was faced with difficulties, and for us, we thought our plan to transfer Mai Chi to an international school may have been lost. On 15th May 2020, however, Ms Thuy, a member of AIS’s enrolment staff contacted me, sharing that in fact there was no change, reminding me of the deadline for the academic scholarship application. On that day, I did not have enough time to prepare all the documentation as required so I just sent a thank you email to AIS. Ms Thuy, however, whom I love and respect for her enthusiasm and devotion, encouraged me to submit the application by midnight on 16th May 2020. Finally, I submitted all documentation as required in the evening of 15th May 2020 and we waited for the scholarship examination. After receiving good test results, an interview with AIS’s Executive Principal and after a few days of anxious waiting, we were thrilled to receive a quite high scholarship offer letter from AIS.

Mai Chi was so happy with the good news, but was still debating what to do as she did not achieve the highest scholarship offer and was concerned it may be a burden on us, her parents. So, she decided to study hard for an entrance exam to a famous high school for the gifted in Ho Chi Minh City as she wanted to try and provide another option if she was successful. Subsequently, she received an offer to the gifted school just a few days before the new academic year at AIS. We were in a bit of a dilemma in deciding which school to choose within just a two-week period. Now, it was no longer a financial issue anymore and most of our relatives and friends both in Vietnam and overseas voted for the gifted school, while a small minority, including us, loved the international school. After two weeks studying AIS, one Saturday, Mai Chi attended the gifted school’s new school year ceremony to get a feel for the school before making a final decision. In the end, she chose AIS. Thank you to Ms Thuy again for her information to help us analyse thoroughly and make the best decision.

After the first semester at AIS, Mai Chi has become accustomed to the school, her friends, and the high and fast intensity of learning and strict regulations. For the past four months, every school day has been a happy and exciting day for Mai Chi. She passionately shares about the school, her classes, her friends, the lessons, her after school activities, her basketball team’s efforts and victories, the exciting dance performance in the House Dance competition, Maths competition with other schools, older students’ support in the exam periods, among much more. She idolizes and loves all of AIS’s subject teachers, from music, drama, physical education to more academic subjects such as design technology, science, etc. I have since booked meetings with all the subject teachers at the teacher-parent conference after the first term to meet, greet and thank them. For my own curiosity, I also wanted to find out why my child loves them so much, and after meeting them all, I could see why, it was a great experience.

Right now, while typing this, I have received Mai Chi’s mid-term school report. Though there are few subjects that do not have a score yet, I am very happy with my daughter’s improvements and achievements. Mai Chi is also very happy with her results after all her hard work.

My family has been completely convinced by AIS. All doubts about “international schools being just for affluent, pampered children; or international school students study leisurely and will gradually become lazy, etc.” have all vanished.

Thank you AIS for giving my daughter a chance to study here. We do hope that she will always maintain a positive spirit and study attitude as well as her love for the school, teachers and friends.

We wish AIS staff and teachers all the best for the future and hope the school continues in its sustainable development and is always a reliable place for parents to send their children.

Ho Chi Minh City, 27th Nov 2020