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First semester is done and dusted for the AIS Titans Swimming Squad with a couple of local SISAC swimming, carnivals, as well as Hanoi and Cambodia invitational swim meets! These carnivals provided the usual mix of great races, loads of personal best times and some new records. Congratulations to all swim squad members from Year2 to Y13! Great job!


Ms Mida Abdul: Our New PYP Co-ordinator

My name is Mida Abdul and I have just started as PYP coordinator at AIS from January 2017.  Although I am new to this role here at AIS, I am not totally new to AIS. I worked at the school in 2013 to 2014, as a Kindergarten teacher at Thu Thiem Campus and it is such a great feeling to be back in Saigon and to work here once again, but this time as the PYP coordinator.

I am originally from Indonesia, with my teaching qualification from Nottingham University, UK. I recently completed my master’s degree on ‘International Minded Leadership’ from the same university. I have been working in education for over 19 years, 15 of them spent in IB schools with various roles as an Early Childhood teacher, PYP coordinator, Junior School Coordinator and Primary Principal. I have taught in Indonesia, Thailand and, most recently, Japan. I was trained as an IB workshop leader in 2005 and have been actively delivering numerous workshops and teacher training in Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Australia, China, and Japan.

In 2008, I was trained as an IB school visiting team leader and have been leading school visits from pre-authorization, verification and evaluation. With my experience, knowledge and understanding of the programme, I am committed to working together with the teachers and administration staff at AIS to move the school into its next stage of learning.  I am dedicated and enthusiastic about the Primary Years Programme as it provides a holistic education that places importance on, not only the academic, but the development of international mindedness, equally. With the world changing so rapidly, it is not enough to be just ‘book smart’ as now students have to navigate their way through a globalized world and that requires knowledge and skills that are critical when so many cultures interact. The PYP framework provides opportunities for young students to develop their critical thinking and build their knowledge and understanding of the world, while learning to be caring for the environment, human beings and other living things.

My key aim is to promote the development of a community of learners here at AIS, where parents and teachers can also model becoming lifelong learners. I am keen on providing the parent community with an avenue for us to learn more about the PYP and other aspects of educational life here at AIS. Please look out for more information on the parent sessions I will be running in the coming months. I hope to be able to meet as many of you as I can during school events and if you have any questions about the Primary Years Programme, please do not hesitate to contact me at


Staffing changes

At TET Mr Terry Storer, the Deputy Executive Principal, will depart AIS to take up a senior role in a school in Auckland, New Zealand. Mr Storer has been at AIS for the last 2.5 years and made a significant contribution to the growth and development of the school.  He has been responsible for many innovations and improvements such as peer mentoring and school perfects and AIS has benefited greatly from his expertise and skill. He will be missed. On your behalf, I thank Mr Storer for his efforts for AIS and wish him all the best for the future.

Mr Mark Vella, currently Deputy Principal – Middle and Senior School will be the new Deputy Executive Principal, with specific responsibility for the Secondary School.  Mr Ben Armstrong who has been a member of staff for a number of years will take over from Mr Vella as Deputy Principal – Secondary School.  We welcome him to the senior leadership team.


AIS Touch Rugby

Well done to the AIS Touch Rugby team for their recent participation in the SRFC Touch Rugby competition held at RMIT. The mixed team was made up of boys and girls from Year 7 through to Year 13.  In very hot conditions and against more experienced opposition the team played extremely well throughout the day, growing in confidence and improving with each game. Their commitment and enthusiasm were rewarded with a strong win in their final playoff match, earning them the Sword Trophy.  Congratulations!


Terry Fox and AIS

In preparation for this year’s 20th Anniversary Terry Fox Run Vietnam, AIS students, teachers and families donated 20 million VND to the Terry Fox Foundation for Cancer Research. One hundred percent of all monies raised across Vietnam remain in country, funding early detection of cancer and cancer research. Nearly 100 AIS students joined the run early Sunday morning on 27 November, to walk, wheel ride and some to compete.

On Monday, 28 November, the youngest sibling of Terry Fox, Judith Fox was a guest speaker at the Secondary School assembly. Judith shared memories of her brother Terry while they were growing up, shared his contributions to cancer research with Terry raising awareness setting a goal to run across Canada and she made us aware of how his legacy is ever present. There are Terry Fox Runs which happen throughout the year, around the world in over thirty countries. It was a special privilege for the students to be a part of such a touching story, giving us at AIS a greater connection to Terry Fox and a greater connection to the reason AIS has been a proud supporter of the Terry Fox Run for the last five years.

We are very proud of our students for their contributions to the Terry Fox Foundation.


Loreto Vietnam Fundraising in the AIS Primary School

Huge congratulations to the AIS Primary school students for raising 7 million VND for Loreto Vietnam ( The children purchased popcorn and drinks during the recent Wizard of Oz and the proceeds will help underprivileged children and families in the Tra Vinh Province which is located in the Mekong Delta Region of Vietnam. The Primary students have got the fundraising efforts off to an excellent start!

To families and teachers and to student’s congratulations once again for a job well done. Watch this space for updates on our Loreto Vietnam fundraising efforts.


The Wizard of OZ Production Team


Year 8 Camp

87 Year 8 students spent last week on their annual school camp in Hoi An, Da Nang and Hue. Students did a number of educational, team building, and personal growth activities. Over the four days, students attended a local orphanage to visit the children and learn meditation techniques, walked around Hoi An Ancient Town, climbed Marble Mountain took in the sights of Hai Van Pass, cleaned up section of beach and learnt the importance of recycling, tested their courage on zip lines and high wire courses and finally walked around the Ancient City in Hue, discovering more about Vietnam¹s history. All the students had a fantastic time and took a lot away from the experiences they shared together.


Year 4 Camp to Vung Tau

(Ronni)  Waiting, waiting, waiting to catch the bus so we can go to camp!  What attitude are we showing here? Any ideas?………………. (tolerance)

(Ryu)  On the bus heading to the beach! Which attitude can you see on our faces?  (Enthusiasm)

(MyLinh)  At the beach, we split into house groups and played a game called beach trains.  We had to try not to break apart.  Not easy, but super fun! Which attitude are we showing here? (co-operation)

(Zoe)  Sand castle competition in our house groups.  We are being creative and open minded.

(Bill)  I decided to create a house team flag for our sandcastle.  Can you see the Phoenix I drew in the sand?  I am showing the Learner Profiles of being a Thinker & Reflective

(HaAnh)  At meal times we are showing the attitude of appreciation with all this yummy food

(Afikah)  Now the fun stuff really starts!  The flying chair was one of our favourite activities but we weren’t all so confident the first time.  We showed the attitudes of confidence and independence.

(Louise)  We are getting really good at making new friends and looking after our old ones if they are nervous or worried.  What attitude are we showing here?  (caring)

(Aino)  There were so many interesting plants and crazy bugs at camp, like this enormous millipede.  We are showing we can be very curious inquirers.

(Anna)  The roller coaster! We were so nervous about going on the roller coaster! We had to be brave and show that we were risk takers

(TaeYeon)   The pool area was so fun, and we loved sharing this with ALL Year 4 kids.  To be safe and fair but still have fun, we had to show integrity

(Christina)  We learned how the local people plant vegetables to grow their own food.  Here we are planting strawberries and herbs.  Here we are showing the Learner profiles of communication & knowledge

(Daisy)   We had to work together to create a group name, a flag and a chant.  We had to listen to each others’ ideas, so we are showing which attitudes?
(co-operation and creativity)

(Kevin)  This hoop had to be passed down the line of all 21 children in the class without letting our hands go.  It was really tough to do this quickly, but together we showed commitment & respect.

(Ronni)  Commitment AGAIN here with the tug of war challenge.  What else are we having to do here so that we work together as a team? (co-op)

(Afikah)  4NTA won the tug of war challenge out of all 4 classes.  We were proud of ourselves but didn’t want to be show offs, so we had to show respect and integrity to the other teams.

(Aino)  After a very busy camp, it was time to get our bags and go back down the mountain in the cable cars.  What a beautiful view!  What attitudes are we showing here? (indep and apprec)

(MyLinh) Quietest bus ride ever back to AIS! Now we are just sleepy!


AIS band programme

AIS has created its first concert band. We performed as part of the Wizard of Oz school production. Our is concert band is made up of flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, piano, percussion/ drum kit, guitar and bass guitar.

In the Wizard of Oz production, we performed many standard Broadway songs such as ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’, ‘Ding Dong the Witch is Dead’, ‘Wake me up Before You Go Go’ and ‘Emerald City Green’ by the famous musician/composer, Quincey Jones. This song is a rhythmically difficult song to perform and it featured our talented bass guitarist, Elise Payong and pianist Jiwan Min.  Our production concert band rehearsed over many lunchtimes and weekends to learn the sheet music. All members worked to a high standard and the Wizard of Oz production was a fantastic learning opportunity for our students.

During class Year 7-10 students have been part of a class concert band. They have been learning to play concert band instruments, flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets and trombones. It is the first time AIS has provided students with this excellent opportunity to learn to play and perform on a concert band instrument. Learning to play an instrument and reading notated music is part of secondary music curricula. Our students are enjoying the challenges of learning to play an instrument.

The AIS Concert Band is made up of woodwind and brass instruments and we rehearse every Friday lunchtime. As students improve on their instrument in music lessons, they are welcome to attend concert band rehearsals. The concert band is a growing ensemble and soon we will have over 50 students playing in the concert band. If parents have any flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpet or trombones that they are no longer using and they would like to donate them to AIS, The AIS music department would love to have them for our students to use.  Please contact Mr Sweeney (Band Master) for instrument donations.


IB DP Core Celebration 2016

“Fantastic work!”, “I had no idea what we could do in CAS”, “the Extended Essay scares me” are just some of the comments heard recently at our Core Celebration afternoon.
Arguably, what distinguishes the IB Diploma Programme from other post- 16 courses is the Core: the Theory of Knowledge (ToK) lessons, CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) and the completion of an Extended Essay (EE). Our Year 13 students have recently completed their 4,000 word EEs, as well as their ToK oral presentations, and are approaching the end of their 18-month CAS programme.
To celebrate their achievements in these areas, AIS held a Core Celebration afternoon on Friday, 11 November to which all Year 12 students were invited. We enjoyed two of the best ToK presentations of this year (from Sun Jae and Chan) and then we visited the Year 13 students who had set up boards and tables to display their work in CAS, ToK and the EE. There was a lot of interest, energy and noise generated and, according to our Year 12s, it was a great success.

Thank you to all who helped out.