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The Animal Rooms at Thu Thiem Campus

The Animal Rooms are up and running for their second year.  During the first week of school, the animals Bonnie the bunny, Mango the royal python and the two corn snakes, returned home from their holidays.  We also have some new additions to the Science family on the D block 4th floor corridor, including: Mocha the tegu, Bob the baby iguana, many new mice, and a new baby corn snake.

The Animal Rooms were created in Term 1 in 2015, and since then, have become a huge part of the School, especially for students taking Science.  Each animal is looked after by a senior student taking the IB Diploma and counts as part of their hours towards their Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) program.  Every day, the senior students are on the 4th floor cleaning, feeding and playing with the animals. 

During Year 7 to 13 Science classes, some of the animals can be seen running through the corridor, gripping onto a student’s arm or sitting on a teacher’s head!   However, the animals are more than just companions: senior students are learning important lessons about responsibility and respect for nature, while middle school students are able to see first-hand the adaptations of many different species. 

Our younger students from Xi, Cherry Blossom, Lotus and Thu Thiem Primary campuses, are able to come and meet the animals, and learn a bit about them, as part of their different Units of Inquiry.  Visiting parents have also been very impressed with this exciting edition to their children’s education.

This year, the new position of Animal Rooms Supervisor was awarded to Mai Diem Ngan (Year 13) due to her commitment and enthusiasm last year in caring for the mice.  She is now in charge of ensuring all animals at AIS are cared for adequately.  Congratulations to Ngan!


Music is the strongest form of magic

Welcome to what is going to be another action-packed and exciting year in Music! This is my 6th year teaching Music at AIS and my 3rd year as Music Coordinator.

AIS has 4 Music teachers across all 4 Campuses guiding your children to fulfilling their potential in music. The AIS Music teachers deliver what I believe to be the vital important components of music education: listening to a wide variety of music stimuli, recognising similarities and differences, performing individually and as part of a group, composing using traditional notation, graphic notation, digital  software, reflecting on how it works and affects us and, most importantly, leaving from each Music class with positive learning experiences that they will always remember. 

There will be many Music Performances at AIS during the year starting with the Moon Festival celebrations.  These two wonderful evenings will include the Junior Primary singing, instrumental items, a Middle School Drama about the ‘Lady in the Moon’ and a High School Drumming ensemble led by our new Music teacher, Mr Andrew Sweeney.


Rehearsals have already begun for the High School Musical, The Wizard of OZ in November. Mrs Suzette Bradfield will prepare the Chorus with after school rehearsals (TT on Wednesdays & TD on Fridays for Years 4-13). The cast will rehearse at lunchtimes and on Saturday mornings.

The musical will be an event NOT to miss. Please make a note of the show dates: 18 and 19 November and come dressed in GREEN.

We are always happy to meet you at AIS. Throughout the academic year I will keep in contact with you via MyAis regarding upcoming performances and concerts and any other relevant information regarding school music.  If you have any questions regarding the Music programs at AIS, I can be contacted via email:


Peer Mentoring

On Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 August, 15 Prefects came into school for a full two day training programme in peer mentoring; but what exactly is peer mentoring?

A Peer Mentor is another student who can serve as a resource, a helping hand, a sounding board, and a referral service. The job of peer mentors is to provide support, encouragement, and information to students. Sometimes students prefer to approach another student rather than an adult. This can be for many reasons but ultimately we want students to feel they have someone they can go to. Peer mentors can be thought of as filling the same role as a good friend. They are not there to provide answers but rather to listen and offer suggestions and options, if appropriate. While this is a new initiative for AIS it is a system that has been tried and tested in many schools around the world.

The peer mentors have set up a meeting room and the aim is for them to work with students who are either new to the school or who are returning and find they need additional support. This might take the form of academic help, helping them to understand the options that are available, eg. ECA. Sports etc, just taking the time to sit and listen or possibly play a board game.


Primary students wooed the audience with their musical production debut: James & the Giant Peach

Hundreds of parents and children turned out for the debut musical production by the Primary School (Years 3 to 6) of Roald Dahl’s first ever children’s classic novel: James and the Giant Peach!

The production was directed by Ms Jacqui Gaynor, our very own talented music director, who was supported by a dedicated team of passionate musicians and staff, including Ms Suzette Bradfield and the music band from the Secondary School.

With an array of music and songs, the musical production left parents and children swaying, humming and clapping along.

“It was hard to believe they are only 10!” exclaimed the Principal of Kindergarten and Primary after seeing the show.

“Their confidence on stage was astounding!” remarked the General Director of the Australian International School.

Congratulations to all the cast and crew, both front stage and off stage, of this marvellous musical production.

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AIS students change lives of deprived and under-privileged children

On Saturday 28 June 2016, a group of Secondary students and some teachers represented the School to unveil the newly built toilets at the Thot Lot Primary School in a deprived area of Thot Lot.

The initiative was driven by the Student Council Representative at AIS, after seeing that children at the Thot Lot Primary School had no access to basic sanitation, which imposes a serious threat on their health and safety.

ais-in-thot-lotOver the last 8 months, the student community has been raising funds, through a variety of activities and initiatives at school, with the aim of building a toilet with clean water for the under-privileged children of this poor rural school. A total of more than 110 million VND was raised for this meaningful initiative.

The project resonates with the view of UNICEF Executive Director, Mr Anthony Lake: “The absence of adequate sanitation has a serious impact on health and social development, especially for children. Investments in improving sanitation will accelerate progress… and save lives.

Thank you to the entire AIS community for coming together on this worthy cause to change the lives of the less fortunate.

Thank you letter is from Loreto


U11 Soccer Teams win 1st place in SISAC U11 Boys Football Tournament

The AIS Under 11 Boys’ Soccer teams yesterday showed that hardwork, determination and team work yield amazing results.
On Wednesday 25 May 2016, the two AIS U11 Boy’s Soccer teams from Thao Dien and Thu Thiem Campus participated in the SISAC U11 Boys Football Tournament in District 7. Both teams were exceptional ambassadors for the Australian International School as they played with skill, determination and teamwork. They got through the tournament undefeated against 6 other international schools, including BIS, ISHCMC, SSIS, BVIS, American International School and ABC International School.
The finals saw two of our U11 Boys’ Soccer teams from Thao Dien and Thu Thiem compete against each other for the championship. The tournament finished with Thao Dien in 1st place and Thu Thiem in 2nd.
Goal Scorers:

  • From Thao Dien: Levin Biner (2 goals); Steven Tran (2), Oscar Knight (4); Lucas Clifford (1)
  • From Thu Thiem: Kotaro Wato (3); Dang Trinh Vo (1); Gia Huy Pham (2); Henry Harvey (1)

Congratulations to our players and coaches on the fantastic results and an unforgettable way to end the season!


AIS student, Dao Mai Chi receives World Scholars’ Cup 2016

Congratulations to our Year 8 student, DAO Mai Chi, for winning the Top 5% Individual Challenge, 1st Place Top Challenge Teams, 1st Place Scholar’s Bowl, 1stPlace School Top Scholar and many 1st place in other categories of the World Scholars’ Cup Ho Chi Minh City Round 2016.
Mai Chi competed against more than 400 students from other international schools (ISHCM, BVIS, Wellsping, etc.) as well as top Vietnamese selected schools including Tran Dai Nghia, Nguyen Du and so on.
Globally, Mai Chi is ranked 3rd among participating students from over 45 countries (Dulwich Beijing, Shanghai, Switzerland, German Swiss Hong Kong…
Mai Chi swept all the top prizes in the Ho Chi Minh City round for Debate, Writing, Literature, History, Social Studies and Overall Challenge (knowledge over 6 subject areas).
More importantly, the competition has cultivated in her not just academic knowledge and skills but a love of lifelong learning.


Congratulations to the Class of 2016

“It has been an incredible journey for our Year 13 graduating cohort.  Many have been at AIS/ACG for over 8 years and we have had the pleasure of watching them grow and mature into confident, responsible, caring and thoughtful adults. The School congratulated the students on their achievements and bid farewell over a Graduation Dinner on Saturday 21 May.


James and the Giant Peach!

The Australian International School brings to you Roald Dahl’s first ever children’s classic novel: James and the Giant Peach!
This wonderfully crafted school production is sure to bring joy to children of all ages and their families. Reserve your tickets via Mr Gabriel Price at: Entrance is free, however a box for donations will be at hand, with all proceeds going to the Loreto Charity Organisation.
Further details for James and the Giant Peach below:
Date: 9 June 2016
Time: 5pm (show starts)
Venue: Australian International School, Thu Thiem Campus


What’s the Matter with these Properties?

We love Science at AIS, or simply exploring and discovering how the world works!
On 15 December 2015, Year 6 students put on a Science Fair, to share their scientific discoveries with parents, other teachers and younger as well as older students.
This Unit, part of the IB Primary Years Programme Unit of Inquiry, was about Matter and its properties can be changed to meet our needs. The students undertook a range of experiments about Matter and gave their visitors a chance to carry out or observe these experiments at the Science Fair. It was a fantastic opportunity for Year 6 students to learn about scientific inquiry, methods and terminology. Congratulations to all students and teachers involved in this Fair, for bringing fascinating discoveries to the wider community!