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Boarding at AIS, HCMC, Vietnam 

AIS boarding school offers state-of-the-art boarding facilities to students in Year 7 to Year 13 who wish to gain the full experience of a comprehensive education. As the first premium international boarding school accommodation of its kind, AIS is proud to welcome Secondary and Baccalaureate students to its fully-equipped on-site boarding residence in Ho Chi Minh City

With comfortable boarding rooms specifically designed to cater for the needs of up to 50 boarding students, flexible weekly and termly boarding options are available for international and national pupils. Bespoke boarding arrangements can be made upon enrolment to ensure a comprehensive and convenient stay for learners who wish to return home on weekends or during school holidays.

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Experience our premium boarding school for one week

The transition to a new boarding school is an exciting journey. At AIS, students may experience our first-class boarding service for a week to enjoy the full benefits of our boarding facilities.

To register your interest, or for further information about our premium boarding facilities in Ho Chi Minh, please complete the Enquiry Form for the attention of our Enrolment Service.  

Boarding School Facility 

Australian International School (AIS) is proud to announce that a fully-operating, Premium boarding facility is now accepting residents. Accommodating 50 live-in students together with House Parents, the on-site boarding facility is the first of its kind among private international school campuses in Vietnam.  


Student Testimonials 

Hear the experiences from some of our current student residents. 

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A Guide on Boarding Schools in Vietnam

 Full Boarding

Annual (Option A) Three Instalments (Option B)
230,000,000 82,000,000

Weekday Boarding

Annual (Option A) Three Instalments (Option B)
200,000,000 71,000,000

Fees are in VND  

  • Meals included: Breakfast + Dinner (School Day) | Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner (Non-school day) 
  • Boarding Period: Except School holidays. 
  • Option A: 7% less than Option B, provided the Annual Tuition Fee is paid by the balance due date.  
  • Option A: Only available to students who enrol before 1 October 2021. 

AIS is the only international school in HCMC that has full premium boarding facilities. First opened in August 2020, a fully equipped boarding house provides a safe modern and comfortable home for 50 students. There are several factors to consider when choosing a boarding school in Ho Chi Minh. 

Does the school provide good pastoral care for the students? 

Boarding students at Australian International School in Ho Chi Minh have access to House Parents and counsellors, who provide a safe and caring environment. They are present to guide students through any challenging times and also provide academic support. 

Do the students have plenty of opportunities to grow socially and academically? 

The school's campus is within easy reach of the boarding site, therefore, there are more opportunities to take part in Extra Curricular activities and use the sports facilities. Boarders have supervised excursions outside of the boarding vicinity on weekends, plus access to tutors when required. Importantly, the school has vibrant community where children can forge strong friendships and enjoy their free time with friends. 

What kind of facilities and services does the boarding school provide? 

 A well-maintained kitchen and communal area are available for students to use and helps instil independence and confidence in life-skills. Our boarding manager will be happy to outline the amenities and services on offer. Contact the Admissions Service for further information and arrange a tour of our unique boarding space.  

Does the boarding school develop independence? 

A boarding experience is a wonderful opportunity for students to foster independence ready for their journey after school. In preparation for university, it also enables students to gain confidence in numerous life-skills, under the supervision of nurturing staff. 

AIS offers boarding on a weekly and termly basis for secondary school residents aged 12 years and above. National and international students are welcome. 

Vietnam is a fantastic country for students to discover. It is instilled with a rich and diverse culture and a friendly and open environment, therefore, the boarding culture ensures a home from home. It is also great value for money since lower living costs provide the opportunity for families to access excellent international education options. Vietnam’s central location in South East Asia means that it is easy for students to go home during the break, or for families to visit. It is also a great option for families within Vietnam who want high-quality international education for their children, but do not have accommodation options in HCMC. Boarding residents are well taken care of by experienced staff, who are used to looking after local and international students. 

Please contact the AIS Admissions Team via our Enquiry Form for further information on the boarding enrolment process. As the top boarding school choice for students in in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, we will be happy to guide you through the application process. 

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Staying with fellow students in the AIS Boarding dormitories helps students become independent young people. Parents can begin teaching their children the importance of self-care and independence. These key skills will assist with the transition to the school boarding environment. House Parents are on hand to assist all new residents and ensure their comfort. 

All boarding pupils are offered the same extensive extra-curricular activities as regular AIS students. AIS is committed to providing multiple opportunities for students to develop their passions and explore new skills within their learning experience. We are committed to ensuring students have the confidence to achieve their full potential in the classroom, and in the wider world. Classroom-based learning and the extensive range of extra-curricular activities available, allow AIS students the opportunity to develop skills and talents they may have already discovered in themselves. Additionally, the boarding experience allows students a full immersion into exploring added avenues of interest, allowing them to express themselves in a healthy and nurturing environment. 

At AIS, boarding house students are given opportunities to undertake after-school activities. A comprehensive approach to education in all forms ensures all aspects of children’s wellbeing are considered. Therefore, all students are invited to join clubs, be part of leadership groups, compete in interschool competitions, enjoy camps, and field trips, or be involved in fund raising for the community programmes. As unique and valued members of the school community, students are encouraged to fully explore the extra-curricular choices on offer. 

AIS offers a diverse and wide range of after school activities (ASAs). Including hip-hop dancing, cooking, sports and robotics, these activities are wide-ranging and are led by teaching staff. The activities vary according to age, and students can undertake as many as they can manage.  

Full details, including how to register for after-school activities, are listed on the AIS site. Activities are rotated on a term-by-term basis, increasing the number of opportunities available to students. 

AIS offers both weekly and full term-time boarding options. Weekly boarding is suitable for students who wish to spend the weekends at home. Term-time boarding enables students to visit home during holiday periods. A weekly boarding schedule is perfect for students who may have a long commute to school. During the week, they have more time for study, can participate in extra-curricular school activities and build friendships while they return to their families. A fulltime boarding choice is the perfect solution for students who do not have accommodation in HCMC or are who live primarily outside Vietnam. They have lots of opportunity to become independent in time for university while immersing themselves in school and the local Vietnamese culture. 

As an English-speaking school, all communication between House Parents and students in our boarding house will be in English, however, in celebration of the diverse backgrounds of AIS students, staff are committed to respecting local and foreign students' native languages. 

Please contact the AIS Admissions Service via the Enquiry Form for more information regarding the full entry requirements for a place at the leading premium international boarding school in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  

Below are the basic requirements you may wish to refer to when making an AIS boarding application. Children must be enrolled onto the secondary school course of study. 

  • Children must have passed the required entrance examination and completed the interview process 
  • All required documentation has been submitted to the Enrolment Department, as requested 
  • Tuition and boarding fees have been credited to the school  
  • Guardians and students have committed to utilising AIS boarding facility for a minimum of one term. *  

(*) AIS welcomes students who wish to trial our boarding house facilities for a period of one week.  

  • Children must have a prior record of a respectful attitude towards fellow students and staff. They must show willingness to fully adhere to the rules and policies outlined in the Parents’ School Handbook.  

Students on boarding programmes at AIS follow the same rigorous international programmes as the entire student cohort. This includes access to AIS’s international education through Cambridge’s (I)GCSEs (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) in Secondary school and the IB Diploma Programme in Senior school. Boarders will be further empowered to think critically while developing the self-confidence needed to reach their full academic potential. 

Students may choose to board weekly, Monday to Friday, or for the full term, a convenient option for local and international students who wish to return home during holidays. 

While the quality of counselling services may vary across international schools in Vietnam, all AIS boarding house users will have access to the school's qualified University and Careers' Counsellor. The Counsellor gets to know each resident and support learners with key information and advice on academic options. As a premium international school, our counsellors are committed to aiding students to explore career ideas as they make key decisions about their future studies. Additionally, they keep students and parents up-to-date with university events and career information sessions. During the application process, counsellors provide advice on how to effectively apply for universities. 

Currently we have a student: teacher ratio of 1:5 as our Boarding House staff ensure the safety and wellbeing of boarding residents and allows students to remain under expert care and expertise of highly- skilled House Parents while at school.