Boarding Life at AIS: What’s it Like for Students?

Boarding Life at AIS: What’s it Like for Students?

Operating since August this year, Boarding at AIS has received a lot of interest with many students taking advantage of the school’s new facilities. With some students now looking at AIS’s Boarding House as their home from home, we decided to catch up with them to see what life was like living at the school.

We were lucky enough to hear from two students, Amy and Tony, who are both studying in Year 12 at AIS. Our first question was to enquire into why they decided to take advantage of the boarding experience AIS has on offer. Amy shared that her reasoning was because ‘it’s very convenient for me as my house is very far away from here, it takes around one and a half hours.’ Similarly, Tony explained it was because ‘I think that AIS offers wonderful boarding, first for the facilities as well as the proximity to the school. So, there’s no need to worry about food, studying and other things. You just need to focus on your studies.’

Sharing on what a typical day staying in boarding at AIS looks like, Amy and Tony revealed that they get up at 6:30am to get ready before breakfast which starts at 7:00am. After that, with school beginning at 8am, the students simply walk down a flight of stairs to get to class. At the end of the school day, 2:40pm, the pair shared that students could either embark on some after school activities or go back up to the boarding house to relax. At 4:30pm they usually study until 6:00pm and after that it’s time for dinner. This is followed by some free time to either study, play sports or games, relax or even tutor younger students. At 10:00pm it’s time to go to their rooms to get ready for bed.

Delving a bit deeper, we asked the pair to reveal what it is like to actually stay in the facilities provided. Tony shared ‘Everything is advanced and equipped, and you have wonderful parents, well-prepared food, and lots of friends for English communication… You are living in a multicultural environment!’. Amy also added that, with both Vietnamese and Western options, she was very happy with the food provided, commenting that it was both ‘nutritious and delicious’.

It was great to hear that the students are certainly enjoying staying in Boarding at AIS. We then went onto the important question on how staying at the school affected their studies. Amy shared ‘It saves time for me, I don’t need to travel a lot and the fact we can travel to the classes within two minutes is very fast, and after school I save a lot of time. It’s very convenient.’ Similarly, Tony answered ‘I don’t have to worry about many factors such as traffic jams, rain or whether it’s too hot outside because it’s always air-conditioned. You only need to walk five minutes and it’s the school.’

Lastly, we asked Amy and Tony on whether they would recommend the experience for other students. Both students answered yes, with Tony adding as students are taken care of so well, they can really focus on their studies. Amy agreed saying that it’s best if students try as only then they will truly understand how good the experience is.

Boarding is an option provided in a range of Inspired schools across the globe as part of their holistic educational complement. As a result, AIS is proud to now offer such facilities to its students within the AIS Thu Thiem Campus, An Phu, District 2, HCMC, and we are thrilled that they are enjoying the experience so far. It’s fantastic to hear that the students are benefiting from the round-the-clock educational experiences, as well as other benefits such as developing interpersonal skills and becoming more independent.

With space for 50 students in total, the boarding experience is the first of its kind among premium international schools in Vietnam. Being available for Year 7 to Year 13, the option is open to both boys and girls and for both local and international families. The facilities boast from a homely, yet modern design, and each room is built to house two students with its own bathroom. In addition, a cafeteria, laundry service, lounge break-out areas are all part of the AIS boarding experience. Boarding at AIS offers numerous options such as five- or seven-day boarding, with students returning home for the school holidays.

If you would like to find out more and visit AIS’s premium boarding facilities, please contact us via our Hotline: 19006940 or via email: