Byun Hyun

Through my time at Australian International School (AIS), I’ve gained the confidence to cope with many challenges in life, and have become very determined to dedicate my life to help others who’re in need. Even though studying IB was very challenging, throughout my learning process, I was able to learn the way of conducting discussions with others and managing my time efficiently. When I studied with my friends in class, I believed that teamwork took a great role in supporting me in studying the IB Diploma. We collaborated and motivated each other. This absolutely helped me during the preparation for the IB final exams. In addition, the teachers always trusted and supported me. Whenever I had some questions or concerns during the preparation for university, they always kindly listened to me and gave some advice to help me find some of the best solutions to my problems. Every moment at AIS has given me and will continue to give me some of the most valuable memories. I have since gone on to study at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), with a 50% scholarship, majoring in Engineering.