CAS Block Party

CAS Block Party

The Class of 2021 celebrated successful completion of their Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) requirement for the IB Core on Tuesday, 23 March in the AIS IB Centre. Ms. Lynette Hutting, CAS Coordinator, thanked students for their participation in over 100 Service Projects that helped hundreds of people in the school and wider communities.

Some of the service highlights from the past two years include flood relief in Central Vietnam, supplies for the elderly and homeless in Ho Chi Minh City, visits to orphanages across Vietnam, beach clean-ups, teaching deaf teenagers to play basketball and raising awareness for serious diseases like cancer.

Even COVID lockdowns couldn’t stop our CAS students. At home, they continued to take on new challenges and risks. They learned to bake, blog, draw, paint, sew, sculpt, play new instruments, learn new languages, care for neighbours’ animals and gardens, do yoga, play tennis, badminton, basketball, swim, jog and cycle.

Once the students returned to school, they took the initiative and planned sports tournaments, science and economics competitions and free music concerts. They taught music lessons and language lessons in their mother tongues, they started online communities. In total, the students completed over 1500 Experiences!

While some Experiences were school-based such as House Dance competitions and the school productions, the majority originated from the students’ own initiative and concern for their community. Because of our students’ CAS Experiences, the lives of hundreds of people in Vietnam have been improved. Now that’s People Power!

Congratulations to the Class of 2021 for being so caring and compassionate. You truly embody the spirit and values of AIS.

Lynette Hutting