Celebrating Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day

Earth day was a chance for The Australian International School (AIS) students to join a movement to drive enthusiasm and commitment to environmental protection. Earth Day was not just a day but a whole week of activities at AIS which gave students positive interactions with nature, taught them about their place in the world and how they can protect it throughout their lifetimes.

The teachers got the children involved in a number of creative tasks to start engaging them with the environment. These included children looking at a globe, finding their home country and communicating how to take care of the environment.

Some children completed drawings and others used recycled paper for collages to show how they would help the environment.

The children also learned how to look after plants, by replanting seedlings into bigger pots and watered the plants each day.

Earth week gave students a better understanding of the environment, how it links to everyday climate issues around them and how as individuals they can have the power to protect the earth’s future.

At Australian International School (AIS) environmental education will ensure that we have enough scientists, advocates, entrepreneurs and everyday citizens of the future who value the natural wonders of our world. Look out for more activity around the environment, including the Inspired Leadership Conference which called for young leaders to take action and work towards a sustainable future. #EarthDay #Sustainablefuture

Rachel Laffey