Combined Choirs Event at the October 2017 AISA Games

A select group of Secondary School students from AIS Saigon will be participating in the first combined Australian International Schools Association choral concert at the annual AISA Games event which will be held in Indonesia in October 2017.

There is plenty of research which shows that singing in a choir has tremendous benefits for students, including physical and mental well-being. Choir singers enjoy a feeling of togetherness; being part of a collective endeavour and also display a higher rate of social wellbeing.

Such incredible ‘togetherness’ is evidenced by singers’ heart rates beating in unison in relation to the speed of their breathing and their heart rates are also affected by the melody of the music.

Singing at the Primary school level is fostered at all AIS Campuses by Ms Loan Le, Mrs Suzette Bradfield and Ms Jacqui Gaynor, who include singing as part of the Primary curriculum and also as part of the ‘After School Activities’ programme. (Singing for the Years 1 and 2 with Ms Loan Le, GLEE with Mrs Bradfield and Musical Theatre training with Ms Gaynor)

Choral singing is being introduced to the Secondary School students this semester with lunchtime and after-school training options. Details will be posted on MyAIS.