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Musicals: The Unsung Hero in a Student’s Personal Development

From The Wizard of Oz, James and the Giant Peach, to Legally Blonde, Australian International School (AIS) has a long history of putting on some fantastic musical theatre performances, giving students a great chance to take the spotlight. Such shows are of course incredible fun for both actors and audiences alike, but as Mr Colin Burstow and Mrs Suzette Bradfield reveal, there are actually significant, deeper reasons why musicals are always part of AIS’s yearly curriculum. ‘Musicals are a hugely important part of education.’ AIS’s Secondary School Music Teacher, Colin Burstow shares, ‘They instil a sense of camaraderie between year

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Lesson of 2019

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our returning students and their families, as well as to the significant number of new students who enrolled over the summer months and have joined AIS for 2020-2021. As I mentioned in my AIS Yearbook article in June, 2019-2020 will certainly go down as the most remarkable year in my 35-year career as an educator. Who would have ever predicted that schools would close for over three months and, for the first time ever, the international IB and Cambridge examinations would be cancelled? This created some real uncertainty and anxiety

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How to boost your child’s writing

Writing is something we all have to learn. As babies, we speak and listen without being taught – it just comes naturally. Reading and writing, however, are skills that we have to work on in order to improve. At AIS, the focus in the past year has been on improving writing levels among all students. One of the most important factors in learning is having parents who are engaged and supportive, and we are fortunate at AIS to have such a great community of parents. This article will, therefore, give you some simple tips and ideas for how to help

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