Covid-19 Communications Updates

Covid-19 Communications Updates

Information from AIS abouth the Covid-19 Outbreak will be updated on this page and by mail to all parents.

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The HCMC PC announced yesterday that schools are to remain closed until Monday 20 April 2020.

We will therefore resume our online teaching program next Monday, 6 April. All staff are working from home this week, so the school campuses are not open.


The HCMC PC announced today that schools are to remain closed until Monday 6 April 2020.

AIS will continue its virtual school and teachers will continue to provide lessons online to support the students in their learning.

The school will close for spring break from Friday 27 March – Friday 3 April.


AIS is to remain closed for another week.

For the time being, the virtual school will continue for the sixth week.


AIS is to remain closed for at least another week. The current decision is Year 13 will be allowed to resume on 9 March and all other year levels on 16 March.

When we are eventually allowed to reopen, we have planned a range of further support measures which will include:

  • additional opt-in Saturday and after school classes for Years 11 and 13,
  • additional Saturday classes for Secondary School EAL students
  • additional after school classes for Primary School students.

All ASAs for Term 3 are now cancelled.

The concert band will resume later in Term 4 to prepare for school award assemblies.

All other non-core events have been cancelled for the rest of the year (international day, the primary school production, checkpoint tests, book week, SAISAC season 3 and so on).

Spring break will also be reduced and school will now resume on Tuesday 7 April thereby creating an additional week.

The 14-day quarantine has been extended to Korea, Japan, Italy, and Iran as well as China.

All parents are asked to update the travel history statement before your child returns to school.

For the time being, the virtual school will continue for the fifth week.

The School is currently finalizing plans for when we are allowed to re-open. These plans vary depending on the reopening date and will include:

  • reviewing the spring break;
  • ways to provide additional support to students, especially those facing exams;
  • maximise learning time for kindergarten, primary and lower secondary students by removing non- core activities from the school day and calendar.

AIS will not be extending our school year beyond 12 June. For the time being, the virtual school will continue for a fourth week.

Late last night the government advised that all schools in HCMC are to remain closed for an extra two weeks (till 29 February).

Once school resumes, the protocols previously advised such as daily temperature checks, wearing masks on buses, 14-day self-quarantine arrangements and so on will come into force.

AIS will strengthen and adjust these arrangements by creating a virtual school that mirrors the standard school day of 8:00 am – 2:40 pm

For primary school students, please note the following:

  1. By 7:30 am ‘today’s learning’ overview will be sent to parents and students.
  2. Students will follow a Virtual timetable each day, led by class teachers and posted on Seesaw, with an introduction video for each lesson. The video script includes sharing of learning objectives, tasks set, links to prior learning and real life situations.
  3. Class teachers will be on Seesaw for each individual lesson answering questions. Lessons include Maths, Literacy, UOI and some specialist subjects. Timetable will run from 8:00 – 2:40 each day. 
  4. Seesaw ‘Activities’ will be set up for all classes – this aids online interaction.
  5. Special Support Teachers will be working in children’s homes.
  6. All ‘overview’ online learning messages will be sent out by the Primary Principal via Seesaw, including timetables, how to access activities on Seesaw etc.

For secondary school students, please note the following:

  1. Classes will take place ‘live’ as per the normal school timetable. Work for each class will be posted approximately 5-10 minutes prior to the beginning of their timetabled lesson.
  2. Lessons with generally commence with a live video feed via the Meeting function on Teams to connect with students ‘face-to-face’; recap the learning objectives of the previous lesson(s); introduce and explain what will be covered in the day’s lesson and answer any questions/address any concerns that students might have
  3. Teachers will monitor and follow up ‘attendance’.
  4. Where appropriate, teachers will use applications like Screencastify to record videos such as narrated powerpoint presentations, labs or practical demonstrations.
  5. Teachers will review learning at the end of each lesson.

As we have done these past two weeks, AIS will continue to provide learning and support to students online. Staff will meet on Monday to discuss how we can strengthen and extend what we do so that your children are not disadvantaged.

According to the DOET, AIS close until Monday 17 February due to the Covid-19 Outbreak.
Teaching staff will continue to provide work each day and the school itself will be open from 8.00 am – 3.00 pm each day.
The government has added Khanh Hoa, Thanh Hoa, Vinh Phuc province in Vietnam to the list of international countries from which you need to self-quarantine for 14 days from date of return to HCMC.
School events will be cancelled or postponed.

According to the DOET, all schools in Ho Chi Minh City close until Monday 10 February due to the Coronavirus Outbreak.
Teachers will place work on Managebac (for secondary students) or Seesaw (for primary students) by 7:30 AM each day.
All parents, staff, and students must follow the quarantine period (14 days) for those who visited China or had visitors from China staying with them