Digital Learning


AIS has a comprehensive e-learning programme across the school as part of its dynamic and innovative 21st century learning environment.  The e-learning programme is supported by considerable investment in digital infrastructure including fast internet speeds, comprehensive wireless  access, and digital resources and systems to support teaching and learning. The goals of our e-learning program include the following:

  • increasing student learning outcomes and engagement
  • developing the skills needed for their future
  • enhancing digital citizenship
  • ensuring that our students have the capacity to thrive and be safe in a digital world

AIS uses a variety of devices across the school and has had a BYOD program in place since 2015. In 2018, Year 5 students will use BYOD iPads with this being extended to Year 6 in 2019. Our BYOD programme encourages flexibility and personalised learning, while enhancing existing learning opportunities.  The goal is always to have high educational outcomes for all students.