As a school of 40 nationalities, at Australian International School (AIS). we seek to create and foster an improved sense of community by understanding, respecting and celebrating our varied beliefs, nationalities, and cultures.

This is especially so in encouraging children to understand more about our host country, Vietnam.

All students in Kindergarten to Year 6 study Vietnamese.  Vietnamese students complete the Vietnamese National Curriculum and non-Vietnamese students undertake Vietnamese Language & Culture.

In Years 7 to 9, in addition to taking Vietnamese as a subject, Vietnamese students (only) study Vietnamese National Studies after school. Students cover a set curriculum throughout the academic year which includes four key areas: Vietnamese Culture, History, Geography and Literature. The language of the curriculum is taught in is Vietnamese.

In AIS’s Senior School, students can complete their IB Diploma using Vietnamese as their Language A. This entitles them to a bilingual diploma.

The school also fully participates in national celebrations such as Tet and the Moon Festival. The annual AIS Tet festival is a highlight in the calendar with decorations and Hoa mai trees being placed throughout AIS’s three campuses.