Performing Arts


performing arts

Intellectual and Creative Abilities

Australian International School (AIS), is committed to educating children in their entirety, aiming to provide opportunities for students to discover and develop their interests and abilities, across a wide range of possibilities. To ensure developing students have a well-rounded education means it is important the school supports the development of both their intellectual and creative abilities. To achieve this, AIS has an outstanding visual and performing arts programme. Students in the school are introduced to music at an early age, with specialist lessons starting at kindergarten. In Primary School, students have access to keyboards, guitars, and ukuleles to support their music development, as well as participating in the ‘Karate Recorder’ programme, which has proved very popular at encouraging students to learn an instrument. Participation in band, underpins elements taught in the music programme in Secondary School. Additionally, and students can take Music as a subject through to the IB Diploma. 

Performance Opportunities

Regular performance opportunities are given to the students, either individually, or via one of the many music ensembles. These ensembles include both concert bands, drums, choirs, and instrumental groups. 

Across all year groups, pupils have the opportunity to develop their acting, performance, musical and theatre skills through their involvement in drama productions throughout the academic year. While children regularly perform at assemblies, or special events such as Tet - the Moon Festival - or AIS Open Day, there are plenty of opportunities to show community spirit. Highlights of the school calendar are AIS Celebrates, for Primary students, and the annual production, for Secondary students. Recent performances have included Mamma Mia!, Mulan, The Witches, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin. 




AIS Titans

Sport is one of the three pillars of Inspired, and encompasses the pursuit of health, well-being, fun, motivation, self-discipline, and self-esteem. AIS aims to provide a sports programme to suit every boy and girl, regardless of ability. Whether it be in the process of achieving national or international honours, or for learners to simply enjoy the benefits of fitness while cultivating a life-long interest in physical activity, sport and physical exercise classes at AIS can help contribute to the mental alertness necessary for successful study and a love of learning. 

AIS students take part in competitive sport in the Saigon International Schools Athletics Conference (SISAC). Teams are entered in both boys’ and girls’ events at five levels – U9, U11, U13, U15 and U19. Matches are played after school during the week. Sports programmes include: basketball, football, table-tennis, volleyball, swimming, tennis, badminton, bench ball, netball, touch rugby, cricket, tee-ball, and athletics.

Each year, AIS competes in the annual Australian International School Association (AISA) Games, which are held in different countries across Asia and the Middle East. AIS has also recently become a member of ASAC (Asean Sports & Activities Conference), a six-member organisation that provides opportunities for our athletes to compete internationally in volleyball, basketball, and football at junior and senior level. 


AIS Kidzone

AIS Kidzone 

AIS offers a separate, after-school community-based sport programme called ‘Kidzone’. This programme uses the facilities at our ‘Cherry Blossom’ campus, conveniently located in Thao Dien, Thu Duc City, HCMC, adjacent to the APSC Compound and next to the An Phu Supermarket. 


AIS Sportscentre

The AIS Sports Centre provides a dedicated venue for Kidzone activities and is run by experienced and qualified coaches. The sports facilities are also available for hire, enabling the wider community to have access to a beautiful, large outdoor pool, netball court, basketball court and an astro turf field.  

Extra-curricular Activities

AIS is committed to providing depth and opportunity in our provision of extra-curricular activities, so that students can have the confidence to achieve their potential. Through both the classroom and the extensive range of extra-curricular activities, AIS students can develop the skills and talents that they may have already discovered in themselves, as well as adding new strings to their bows. 

Through participation in after-school interests, AIS pupils are given further opportunities to express themselves, while socially engaging with other children. They may partake in clubs, be part of leadership groups, compete in interschool competitions, enjoy camps, and field trips, or be involved in fundraising for community programmes. Ultimately, children are able to take full advantage of school life in, both in and out of formal lessons. 

AIS offers a diverse and wide range of ECAs (Extra-Curricular Activities) across many subject areas and conveniently, these activities are led by school teaching staff. Fun ECA’s range from hip-hop dancing and cooking to sports and robotics. Activities vary according to age and students can participate in as many as they can manage.  

Full details, including how to register for any of the available ECA’s, are listed on the My AIS site. Activities are rotated on a term-by-term basis, thereby increasing the number of opportunities available to students.