‘Exciting New Developments’ at AIS Sports Department for 2020/2021

‘Exciting New Developments’ at AIS Sports Department for 2020/2021

Physical activity at Australian International School (AIS) is considered to be essential in ensuring a well-balanced and well-rounded education for its students. From kindergarten to upper secondary, it is well-known that sports provide an incredible benefit to both students’ physical health as well as their mental well-being. Consequently, AIS is always keen to offer the very best sporting opportunities for its students, and this academic year, 2020/2021, is no exception.

Mr Matthew Washer, AIS’s Athletics Director, recently shared on sports at AIS as well as on some of the many ‘exciting new developments’ AIS sports will see this upcoming school year. ‘We are very lucky at AIS because sport is one of the three pillars of Inspired Education, the others being academics and performing arts, so sport is very much a part of our school and our wider community.’

Currently at AIS, the school provides a very comprehensive sports programme, offering the chance to participate in fifteen different sports with forty coaches, both internal and external, and a wide array of facilities, including a double gymnasium, outdoor courts, football field and two 25 metre length swimming pools. As a result, each year, typically over 600 students at AIS are involved in one or more sports, which is about half the school’s population.

Despite all these great standards, sports at AIS has no plans to stop there, with AIS Sports Department always on the look out to implement new ideas and approaches to provide the very best for AIS students. For 2020/2021 specifically, Matthew revealed just some of the numerous ‘exciting new developments’ occurring in the sports programme at AIS this year:

External Sporting Partnerships – AIS recently partnered with a number of external organisations to provide students an extra layer of support. Organisations include Juventus Football Academy and Saigon VBC (Volleyball Club). Under this partnership, experienced sporting professionals will come to AIS to directly provide coaching and training for students.

AIS Joins ASAC – AIS became an affiliate member of the international sports conference Asean Sports and Activities Conference (ASAC). The conference provides under 14 and under 19 sports competitions in a range of different sports, such as volleyball, football and basketball. Being an 8-member conference with schools from Vietnam Indonesia and Cambodia, joining ASAC provides a fantastic opportunity for AIS’s top Titan athletes to compete internationally at a high level.

Partnership with Vita Tennis Academy – Also this year, AIS has seen a great boost to its tennis programme with the new collaboration with Vita Tennis Academy. Now, students at the Thu Thiem Campus can walk over a short bridge and access three top of the line tennis courts. Thanks to this, and the facilities at AIS’s Thao Dien Campus, the programme is already currently providing over 60 students with tennis coaching.

Students Join AIS’s Sports Council – For the first time at AIS, students have become part of the inaugural AIS Sports Council 2020-21. Currently, six senior students can now devise and introduce student driven ideas to support the growth and development of AIS’s sports programme. This is a brand-new approach to the department and provides for an exciting year ahead.

Speaking generally on AIS’s approach to sports teaching and coaching, Matthew shared that the core value behind everything AIS Sports Department does is to make sure they offer opportunities which ‘provide something for everyone’.  He also went onto share that AIS’s approach depends considerably on the age of the student. ‘At a really young age, year one, two and three, we provide an after-school programme where young children can develop their gross motor skills and learn and improve their physical literacy. At upper primary school we focus on fun competition and participation, while at secondary school, students have the opportunity to enter serious competitions and interschool leagues.’

AIS’s Sports Department is incredibly active and constantly evolving. To keep up to date with everything that is going on, do visit AIS’s Sport’s Department’s web page or follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aistitans

Rob Haggett