Expressing Ourselves Through Puppets

Who does not laugh or become engaged with puppets? Puppets are not only a wonderful form entertainment for children, they are also a wonderful means to support students’ learning through play. Learning through play is fundamental to a child’s education, helping them to develop necessary skills in life. In Kindergarten, the current Unit of Inquiry is: How We Express Ourselves. For part of our inquiry during this unit, the students made sock puppets and put on puppet shows as a way of using expressive arts to communicate and convey their thoughts. Puppets provide a focus for role play, incite children’s imagination, foster creative play and provide the children with a non-threatening, interactive ways to recite a narrative or bring a story to life. Puppets simply provide an effective means to initiate communication and express thoughts.
Thus, it seemed pertinent to our inquiry that students should venture out and take in a puppet show. And that is just what we did. We hopped on the bus and went to the, Museum of Vietnamese History to watch the water puppet performance. It was fantastic!! The students were captivated by the puppets and the stories that were conveyed. The kindergarten students’ inspired adaptations of the show were performed in the classroom for days afterwards. What a wonderful way for the students to demonstrate: How We (can) Express Ourselves!!