From Books, Rackets to Robots – After School Activities at AIS Primary

From Books, Rackets to Robots – After School Activities at AIS Primary

Following on from last week’s exploration of Australian International School’s (AIS) range of after school activities (ASA) at AIS Secondary, this week we look into what ASAs AIS Primary has to offer. For AIS’s primary schoolchildren, much like our secondary students, the school understands the importance of providing them experiences that go beyond the classroom. As a result, AIS implements a diverse and wide-ranging programme of activities to provide social, emotional, and academic development; and promote both physical health and mental well-being.

Academic and Languages

Promoting the opportunity for students to delve a bit deeper into their enjoyment of reading and writing, AIS holds specific clubs on both. AIS’s Reading Club seeks to encourage students to read and discuss their views after reading an agreed chosen book together, while its Creative Writing Club exposes schoolchildren to different writing styles and techniques. Additionally, for those students who are particularly passionate about learning a second (or third) language, AIS holds dedicated clubs for them, such as the Chinese Language Club, where students are supported to complete their Chinese homework and practice their skills.

Sports and Martial Arts

With AIS’s fantastic sporting facilities the range of ASAs is extensive. From tennis, football to swimming, AIS ensures there is something for every student who would like to do something a little more physical after school. One example of this is martial arts. At AIS, primary school students have the opportunity to try their hand at not just one martial art, but two, Kung Fu and Taekwondo.

Arts, Crafts, and Performing Arts

AIS’s array of arts activities also range considerably. From Step-by-Step Drawing, to help instruct students who are first getting exposed to the subject, to Cartoon Art, where students can learn how to draw their favourite cartoon characters. For performing arts, AIS holds its own Dance, Ballet and Hip-Hop Dance Clubs, all designed to help students improve their coordination, agility and flexibility by learning and practicing dance moves and routines.

Something Completely Different

For students who would like to try their hand at something completely new, AIS provides a series of unique and engaging ASAs. One example is The Green Team, where schoolchildren are invited to take part in an exciting new initiative to create a sustainable garden at AIS Cherry Blossom. Another is AIS’s Cooking Class, which seeks to teach students not only how to cook, but also on the importance of developing lifetime healthy food habits. A further example is Robotics, here, students have the chance to learn the fundamentals of robotic design, learning about sensors, or discovering ways that gears and pulleys create movement.

Much like last week, the above activities are just a snapshot of what is on offer at AIS, and they are constantly being updated and reviewed. If students and teachers are keen to get something off the ground, AIS is always keen to listen and set them up wherever possible.

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Rob Haggett