From Keyboards, Paintbrushes to Wrenches: After School Activities at AIS Secondary School

From Keyboards, Paintbrushes to Wrenches: After School Activities at AIS Secondary School

As part of its holistic approach to education and to help support its students to be well-rounded individuals, Australian International School (AIS) is dedicated to providing its students experiences that go beyond the classroom. As such, AIS implements a diverse and wide-ranging After School Activity (ASA) Programme. In essence the programme’s focus seeks to provide unique and engaging opportunities for students to try their hand at and experience something new, helping provide social, emotional, and academic development; and promote both physical health and mental well-being.

This week we investigated AIS’s ASA Programme to uncover and share the sheer range of activities on offer.


Whilst a number of AIS’s ASA activities have roots in the academic curriculum, studied during their normal school hours, they are not simply extra classes. From the Young Scientists ASA, where students have a chance to conduct different exciting experiments each week; the Computer Club, for students to explore and enjoy various computer-based activities; to the Writers Workshop, a place run by students to help fellow peers understand specifically the writing process; AIS’s Academic ASAs look to extend academic subjects and delve into different and interesting areas which the students are keen to experience.


Additionally, AIS is keen to provide chances for its budding linguists to improve and practice their abilities. This can take the shape of support classes, such as the IB Korean Study Group or IB and IGCSE Chinese Writing Class, which are specifically designed to assist students in the lead up to their final examinations; but also, can involve opportunities for students to try their hand at something new. One example is the American Sign Language for Beginners ASA, where students can learn the basics of American Sign Language (ASL) as well as about deaf culture.


The arts are one of the fundamental pillars of the educational experience AIS provides, and consequently there are numerous ASAs available which focus on broadening the horizons for AIS’s young artists. The types and styles of these also range considerably, such as Macrame, using knots to craft various textiles; Drawing Club, where students can learn to draw realistic portraits and create their own drawings; to even Animals & Dinosaur Art for Beginners, where students have the chance to learn how to paint specifically animals and dinosaurs.

Something Completely Different

To fill the needs of the more adventurous students, who would like to try their hand at something they have never experienced before, AIS provides several opportunities. For example, for students wanting to tune up their mechanic skills, AIS has them covered, offering the Motorcycle Maintenance Class. For those interested in gardening, AIS provides a chance for students to learn how to grow their own vegetables, herbs and flowers by building a garden as part of its Gardening group. While for young business minded students, AIS offers a Young Entrepreneurs ASA, where students can create and run their own practical business in real life, with all profits going to charity.

The above activities are just a snapshot of what is on offer at AIS and they are constantly being updated and reviewed. If students and teachers are keen to get something off the ground, AIS is always keen to listen and set them up wherever possible.

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Rob Haggett