IB DP Core Celebration 2016

“Fantastic work!”, “I had no idea what we could do in CAS”, “the Extended Essay scares me” are just some of the comments heard recently at our Core Celebration afternoon.
Arguably, what distinguishes the IB Diploma Programme from other post- 16 courses is the Core: the Theory of Knowledge (ToK) lessons, CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) and the completion of an Extended Essay (EE). Our Year 13 students have recently completed their 4,000 word EEs, as well as their ToK oral presentations, and are approaching the end of their 18-month CAS programme.
To celebrate their achievements in these areas, AIS held a Core Celebration afternoon on Friday, 11 November to which all Year 12 students were invited. We enjoyed two of the best ToK presentations of this year (from Sun Jae and Chan) and then we visited the Year 13 students who had set up boards and tables to display their work in CAS, ToK and the EE. There was a lot of interest, energy and noise generated and, according to our Year 12s, it was a great success.

Thank you to all who helped out.