IB Spotlight: Creative, Activity, Service (CAS)

IB Spotlight: Creative, Activity, Service (CAS)

Adding something completely original to the IB Diploma’s Creative, Activity, Service (CAS) is at the heart of the course as a whole. CAS looks to strengthen and extend students’ personal and interpersonal learning in three distinct areas: Creativity, to explore ideas to lead to an original product or performance; Activity, to perform physical exertion and contribute to a healthy lifestyle; and Service, to support the community in response to an authentic need.

We spoke to Gia Bao Tran, a Year 13 student at AIS, to find out more about CAS, and what he thought of the course. He explained more about the three areas of CAS, shared his highlights, and revealed how the course changed his outlook.

45/45, 3 bonus points, getting through Theory of Knowledge, basking in the glory of finishing an extended essay… Diploma: FAILED. WHAT?

CAS – Creativity, Activity, Service. Ah that’s the missing component. Three letters that seem so daunting, but are actually the biggest present the IB will give you.

The beauty of CAS? Freedom. You can do anything that you like. You like playing the trombone? Practise, perform and put it down as creativity. Love playing football? Join a team, play consistently and put it down as activity. Enjoy the company of children? Volunteer at an orphanage and count it as a service.

It is the perfect opportunity to explore different areas of interest that have been swept under the carpet as the commitment to education takes priority. It encourages you to go out, socialise, and enjoy your life when the temptation of bottling up in your room to do extra ‘revision’ is overwhelming.

Personally, I have come out of the comfort of my own shell a lot in the last year, saying ‘yes’ to things I never would have before. I have met brilliant people, experienced memorable moments, but most importantly I have become a better version of myself, and improved the community that I am a part of.

The experience that stood out the most with me was the GIN Saigon Conference 2020. It was an event for 250+ international school students from all around the city, to gather and discuss twenty of the most imminent global issues. We had to figure out all the logistics, deal with the accounting, and plan the event down to the minute. Through this process I was able to obtain many real-life skills that will be incredibly helpful in any sort of planning or management job in the future.

CAS is genuinely one of the most enjoyable components of the IB, and one I definitely recommend students to make the most use out of!

Gia Bao Tran

Year 13 Student at AIS

To find out more about studying the IB Diploma’s CAS course at AIS, or about the IB Diploma in general, check out AIS’s complete comprehensive curriculum guide, which includes IB Programme FAQs, 10 reasons why you should study IB, and an IB Diploma Handbook: https://www.aisvietnam.com/curriculum/ib-diploma/