Inspired Student Leadership Conference

Inspired Student Leadership Conference

Over the 22nd and 23rd of April, the 2021 Inspired Student Steering Committee successfully hosted the first-ever Inspired Student Leadership Conference, with over a month of prior planning and hard work.

The virtual conference was attended by fellow Inspired students from around the world, ranging from ages 7-18. On the 22nd, students and teachers who joined the conference were given the opportunity to listen to 20 different speakers, who spoke on the topics of the environment and leadership. The speakers ranged from student committees, conservation organizations and experts in high-performance environments. Shark Guardian, a global shark and marine conservation, is one of the conservation organizations whose members shared an eye-opening presentation on why sharks are important.

Some of the speakers included:

Roberto Martinez is an ex-professional football player & current manager of the Belgium National Football team (no. 1 team in the world!).

Chamathka Jayasekara is from Sri Lanka and is currently studying engineering at MONASH University Malaysia. She has had many leadership experiences: (school head girl, contest winning toastmaster and Girl Guide who represented Sri Lanka in the Juliette Low leadership seminar)

The 23rd was only open to students aged 14-18 but was just as interesting as the 22nd. On this day we had 5 speakers, 3 discussion sessions and a debate session. The speakers’ presentations were all followed by the discussion sessions and were a fun and engaging way for students to a) meet new students within their age group and b) discuss their ideas and thoughts on the topic of leadership. Some questions that we discussed were: “how can we use humour appropriately?”, “do we need to experience pain?” and, “which leadership style is the best to use?”.

Fuencisla Clemares, Google’s CEO for Spain and Portugal, gave an eye-opening talk on technology and how we can use it to create more opportunities.

Also on the 23rd, the Inspired Global Student Leadership Committees were introduced, receiving a lot of enthusiasm and support from students. The Inspired Global Student Leadership Committees includes committees covering different topics, such as environmental awareness, human rights, health & well-being and entrepreneurship, for students to come together and collaborate in order to raise awareness and create an impact within their communities. This is a fantastic opportunity to work at a global level. Interested students can either apply for an executive position or to be an active member of their preferred committee.

Mini committees were formed during this session for students to collaborate and discuss the objectives each committee should have for the future. Before the session ended, a representative of each mini committee shared what they discussed with everyone.

A post-conference summary booklet is now available so everyone can get an idea of what took place. Click on the link to download.

The 2021 Inspired Student Steering Committee has had an amazing time putting together this conference and is extremely pleased to see that we were able to create an impact from the day we first started promoting the conference. We look forward to hosting the next conference and hope that it is just as, if not more, successful than this one.

23/04 Opening ceremony


23/04 Closing ceremony. Nicholas Wergan (top left corner) is the Director of Education for Inspired. He gave a little thank you speech to end the conference.

Personally, this has been a chance to create an impact, learn from other experienced leaders and role models. This experience has also helped me figure out my passions and strengths. I cannot forget that I met a group of amazing people who are exceptional leaders to be able to look up to.

Samadhi Jayasuriya 

(member of the 2021 Inspired Student Steering Committee