International Kindergarten in HCMC, Vietnam

AIS's world-class Kindergarten programme, has built a reputation for providing excellent education to young learners in Ho Chi Minh City.  

Kindergarten programme

World-class Kindergarten Programme

AIS's world-class Kindergarten programme, has built a reputation for providing excellent education to young learners in Ho Chi Minh City.  

Located in in the vibrant HCMC, Vietnam, children aged 1–5 years old are taught across three welcoming Kindergarten campuses: 

  • Thu Thiem (Cherry Blossom School) Kindergarten

  • Thao Dien (Lotus School), Kindergarten

  • Xi, Kindergarten

Each expertly designed campus is resourced to a high standard, ensuring all kindergarten students access an enjoyable educational experience. At our Xi Campus, the school is open for enrolment for children aged 12 months old and over, while at Thu Thiem and Thao Dien, classes are provided for children aged 30 months and over. 

Learning through Play

The guiding principle across all AIS’s Kindergarten lessons, is ‘Learning through Play’. Whilst in a secure and comfortable environment, children can: 

Explore, develop, and recreate learning experiences that help them to make sense of the world 

  • Practise and build up ideas, concepts and skills 
  • Learn to understand the need for rules 
  • Take risks and make mistakes 
  • Think creatively and imaginatively 
  • Communicate with others as they investigate their ability to problem-solve 

Activities may be either teacher-directed or student initiated, and each Kindergarten class has an internationally-trained teacher and a highly-experienced Vietnamese support teacher. There are also specialist instructors for swimming, PE, music, and Vietnamese Language and Culture. 

Kindergarten Groups 

Enrolment onto the AIS Kindergarten programme is age dependent. There are three levels of the EYP based on a student’s date of birth: 

Kindergarten groups


1.5 to 3 years old 

Junior Kindergarten:

3 to 4 years old 

Senior Kindergarten:

4 to 5 years old 

Primary School Curriculum Booklet

From the age of three years old (Junior Kindergarten), children follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP). Please download the Primary School curriculum booklet below here for more details.

Download AIS's Kindergarten Curriculum Handbook

A Guide on Kindergarten in Vietnam

AIS Kindergarten


There is no difference between a “Kindergarten” and “Preschool”. Both terms may be used interchangeably in different countries throughout the world. AIS’s international kindergarten, HCMC, provides young learners with a world-class early year's education. Additionally, all kindergarten programmes are taught by highly-trained teachers with either a BA in Education, or AN MA specialising in early childhood. AIS’s highly-qualified international staff understand the fundamental importance of a quality early years education. Teachers plan and implement stimulating and engaging learning activities across all kindergarten lessons, designed to focus on the development of each child with a comprehensive approach to learning 

AIS Kindergarten


It may be helpful to visit a variety of kindergarten curriculum providers located in Saigon and Vietnam. You will know within a few moments of your visit if a particular kindergarten education provider is right for you and your child. Ask questions about factors that are especially important to you and request a visit your child's potential kindergarten classroom. If possible, also ask to see an Early Year class session in action. 

AIS Kindergarten


Our highly-qualified English-speaking teachers from around the world, bring a range of experiences and pedagogical knowledge that contributes to our robust Early Years programme. At AIS, we implement the internationally-recognised PYP Early Years programme from the IB framework into all our kindergarten teaching materials. Our enthusiastic teachers routinely collaborate to design, deliver, and create the best environment and programme to help our early learners thrive. Discovery, play-based, enquiry-learning are central elements in our internationally-regarded kindergarten approach to learning. This allows children to think, research, and have first-hand learning experiences. Highly specialised International Early Years education focuses on the child from a holistic perspective - the social, emotional, physical needs and literacy and numeracy development are each fully supported.  

Speech and language development amongst our kindergarten cohort is a high priority. As many of our early learners are either bilingual or multilingual, our Early Years teachers create opportunities for all young learners to become articulate and proficient in both English and their home languages. We celebrate and work with children in a comprehensive manner at AIS, giving an array of opportunities for our kindergarteners to develop their growing interests and passions. Children get to experience a range of specialist classes with highly qualified, specialist teachers. Subjects include, music, PSPE, swimming, and Vietnamese Language and Culture. Our class sizes are small, and well-staffed to give our youngest learners the best possible opportunity for facilitated, personalised learning. 



AIS believes that it is essential to provide a quality academic early years environment to all children, no matter their age or stage of development. We deliver educational preschool programmes to children from the age of 18 months; the infant Kindergarten class is extremely popular with international families, due to the nurturing and caring environment teaching staff help to cultivate for kindergarten students of all backgrounds. This is an essential element in early education and has been proven to support the growth of young learners throughout the year. Secure relationships and a sense of self within a community are paramount in developing children, therefore, teaching in the infants, junior and senior kindergarten classrooms, focuses on this essential element of 'Belonging'. 

Kindergarten faculty highlight the importance of belonging for our learners by encouraging daily connections with classmates, educators, the natural environment, and the broader community. With this approach, the kindergarten system creates opportunities for children to truly feel a sense of 'Being', allowing each child to celebrate themselves as a respected individual, while developing their own identity, discovering their passions and interests, and exploring what makes them truly unique.  

Furthermore, through the celebration of each member of the AIS Kindergarten community, a sense of ‘Becoming’ is prioritised. Developing learners embrace challenges, while exploring the world around them. They are fully supported in their natural curiosity, which provokes diversified thinking. Emerging learners become articulate and confident language users through the encouragement of a range of social interactions with their peers and through a varied introduction to literacy activities and the arts.  

In a safe learning space, each kindergartener builds skills daily, they express themselves in a healthy manner, while becoming confident, bright communicators in the process. AIS’ specially designed kindergarten programmes provide rich learning environments and fun lessons to develop literacy and numeracy knowledge as they form strong foundations for further learning. 

AIS Kindergarten


A typical day in the kindergarten class begins with a warm welcome of children by their teachers. Morning introductions are followed by discovery and enquiry-based learning through role-play, and discovery-based activities. Kindergarten classrooms are well-arranged with resources that offer 'invitations to play' each morning, helping children happily make decisive choices based on their own needs, while feeling a sense of 'belonging'.  

Through a play-based enquiry approach, the children spend the morning continuing to develop their relationships with their friends and teachers. They experience the freedom during structured classroom time to be creative and curious, while skillful teachers, specialising in kindergarten education, use these opportunities to develop young children's thinking, oral language, literacy, and numeracy skills.  

After a morning snack, children work with specialist teachers for music, PSPE, swimming or Vietnamese Language and Culture. A healthy lunch is served by the school at 11.30 am, after which most young learners may have an afternoon nap. Each kindergarten class then spends the afternoon in a literacy session, where they will be encouraged to engage in listening, speaking, and reading activities, as well as educational games to develop their numeracy skills. An afternoon snack is provided before children go home.  

*Please note that parents may opt into the after-hours childcare programme at an additional cost. This service is available daily until 4.30 pm. After-school childcare is only available at our Thu Thiem and Xi International Kindergarten campuses, Ho Chi Minh City. 

AIS Kindergarten


Encouraging an active lifestyle to support wellbeing, is important for the healthy development of our kindergarteners. Early Years Programme teachers encourage outdoor learning and provide a variety of resources to help facilitate active play. Bamboo runner bikes are popular with young learners, and well-equipped outdoor spaces provide plenty of space to get active. 

One of the main pillars at AIS is the pursuit of sports. Teachers across AIS’ kindergarten campuses understand the importance of supporting young learners' gross and fine motor skill development through physical activity. Physical Education is highly-important for healthy brain development:  running, skipping, and using monkey bars are a fun way to encourage strong brain-body connections. A balanced combination of play and specially designed activities encourage good hand-eye coordination, strong reflexes, and an understanding of spatial awareness. With support, children continue to be confident in their physical abilities, having gained a strong foundation in the development of these essential skills.  

Each kindergarten group has two sessions of PSPE each week with one of our dedicated PE specialist teachers. They also partake in a two-week intensive swimming program each term, totaling eight weeks a year. This specially designed lessons develop water confidence and safety and serve as an early foundation for learners to learn a variety of swimming strokes in later years. Our Director of Sports also runs an annual Sports Day for the kindergarten students. Families are also welcome to join in as part of the school community.  

Additionally, throughout the year, our kindergarten children participate in special celebrations such as the Moon Festival, TET, Christmas concerts and assemblies. Each week, children visit one of our fantastic libraries and choose books to take home and share with their families. To encourage social and emotional development, local 'field trips' are organised where children are able to visit the other AIS kindergarten campus’ and make new friends.  

AIS Kindergarten


Contact the Admissions Team for further information about the Early Years Programme, and to arrange a visit to our Kindergarten campuses in Ho Chi Minh City.  

Thu Duc City, HCMC. If you are interested in joining a particular campus, the Admissions Service will organise a classroom visit for your child. After meeting their prospective class and friendly teaching staff, you and your child will have the opportunity to meet either the Principal or Deputy Principal of the primary and kindergarten schools. A place will be offered if we feel that AIS can best cater for your child. After confirming your child’s place at kindergarten, both the Enrolment Service and class teacher will help your family make the transition to AIS as smoothly as possible. 

Enquire Now

Contact the Admissions Service for further information about the Early Years Programme, and to arrange a visit to our Kindergarten campuses in Ho Chi Minh City.