Moon Festival

You have to taste a culture to understand it.” – Deborah Cater

Our Moon Festival on Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 September 2016 was one of these learning opportunities where we as a dynamic multi-national community gained a deeper understanding about Vietnamese customs and its culture.

The Festival was celebrated over two nights, one for each primary school. The exciting nights began with an impressive and rapturous traditional “Tết Trung Thu” (Moon Festival) drum beating performance. The AIS Primary community experienced a fabulously entertaining evening, with a myriad of Vietnamese traditional songs, dancing performances and colourful decorations. It was amazing to see how well our students worked together and performed confidently on the stage in front of over 300 family members and friends each evening. This was a beautiful joint effort to mark our 10th annual Moon Festival concert.

After many charming performances, everyone took part in a bright and colourful lantern parade. Children and their parents were then treated to a spectacular, expressive and hilarious Dragon Dance and Lion Dance.

Through the participation of students in VLC lessons and their active involvement in our diverse Vietnamese traditional festivals, the understanding of the Vietnamese culture has been considerably broadened and strengthened with our students from all around the world.  In turn, they are better able to enjoy and appreciate the cultural experience on offer whilst living here in Viet Nam.