Mrs Jeong SunJu

Mrs Jeong SunJu

Beginning all those years ago as a cute boy with plump cheeks who finally understood the teacher’s instructions: “Hold a pencil”, to now growing up to be an 18-year-old young man, Australian International School (AIS) is where my son, GeunWoo, spent most of his life studying. Although, when he started, AIS was a new experience being a school which taught in a language he was not so familiar with, over the years, I am so proud of how he has grown and developed, and I am very grateful to the school.

For me, I don’t think schools should put their grades first. I think its important to also instil the values of integrity, respect, and teamwork. I have never asked my son to be the best, instead I feel it’s better for all of us to do our best at our own pace. Only then will we be satisfied with the results after we have achieved our own individual best. Everyone can’t be in the front seat, but there are seats for every person.

The most important thing is to acknowledge and respect all the differences in peoples’ character, personality, and quality. Therefore, it is important to have an environment where you can love yourself and do what you want to do with consideration for each other.

In that respect, I would like to express my gratitude for the nine years we have spent at AIS. I was able to wait for my son to grow up without rushing, and I’m so impressed that now he is a teenager with such a great, independent and well-balanced outlook.

We will leave AIS soon as my son is in Year 13, but I will always support AIS’s educational philosophy. I hope AIS will guide future students in the right direction as the school always has done in the past.