Music News – September 2020

Music News – September 2020

The performing arts department would like to extend a big jazz hand welcome back to all our parents and students. We are so excited to start making music and performing again after a long summer break. There are been some significant changes to the department at the beginning of this year and some exciting performance opportunities coming up for the students.

The cast of this year’s school show has been working hard to prepare for the upcoming performance of Mamma Mia! They even turned up to an all-day Saturday rehearsal before school had even started! Such amazing dedication! The dates for the school show are November 13th and 14th – details of how to buy tickets will be coming out soon.

The IB DP music program has had a dramatic and exciting overhaul. The new course inspires learners not only to be responsible but also motivates them to be efficient and creative individuals. A significant advantage of the new IB Curriculum is that it incorporates not only the cultures and music traditions of the past but also the cultural context and technology achievements in music made through the 21st century. This is particularly important for future university learners and performing artists. The course gives learners the opportunity to develop a life-long love of music and also gives practical, transferable research, organization and critical thinking skills.

In Years 7-10 we have had a great start to our music program and will be integrating music technology and instrumental tuition into this year’s curriculum and students will get the chance to learn an instrument from the Concert Band family (brass, woodwind and percussion). In light of the current climate, the music department would like to inform you how we intend to disinfect our mouthpieces so they are as safe as possible for students to use. The concert band program is an incredible opportunity for the students and we want to make sure that our students are as safe as possible when they are using the instrument. A detailed letter will be sent out to parents explaining the process and photos are included here to show our current routines.

Music clubs and bands will be back in full swing from Monday 24th August. If you want your child to join one of the school ensembles please get them to check the notices to find out what is available and contact Mr Burstow or Mr Agafonov for more details. We also have a new performance opportunity at AIS “AIS Open Mic Lunch!” Once every two weeks we will set up a stage in the cafeteria and any solo instrument, singer or ensemble can sign up to perform some songs for the AIS community.

The Performing Arts Team