Music Notes

Music classes have been engaging with the structure of music. It is a curriculum based subject, aimed at developing new knowledge and deeper understandings of music literacy. Students are starting to play their concert band instrument very well and it is exciting to hear students improve so quickly. Each class has its own concert band and students are learning to play one of the following instruments; flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet and trombone. It is a huge range of instruments and the structured class band program is used in most schools throughout the world.
The Year Eight Concert band began rehearsing in the second half of this year. We have grown in numbers and continue to welcome new members. We rehearse each Tuesday lunchtime. We are playing from printed sheet music specifically written for concert band. Each week we make enormous improvements and we are playing more like an ensemble.
We are establishing a weekly rehearsal schedule during lunchtimes. As students become proficient on their instruments they are always welcome to attend rehearsals.

  • Monday lunchtime – Year Seven Concert Band
  • Tuesday lunchtime – Year Eight Concert Band
  • Thursday lunchtime – Year Nine Concert Band
  • Friday lunchtime – Senior Concert Band