Music Notes

All music students are playing an instrument. They are playing in a concert band and each class has its own ensemble. We are focusing on posture, reading rhythms and developing pitch ranges on their instruments. A particular focus in Music is reading and interpretation of music notes. Students are learning how to recognise and play printed music. We rehearse and play from concert band music. Students are becoming more literate and fluent with reading notes. This is a complex task as students have to play the rhythm and pitch the note while playing in their concert band. For most students, this is the first time that they have played in a concert band using structure and printed music.

7.1 Music class

Recently we have started two new ensembles for Year 7 and Year 8 students. If students want to improve their skills they are welcome to attend extra lunch time rehearsals. We formed a Year 7 Concert Band and a Year 8 Concert Band. As students improve their instrument skills new students are welcome to attend rehearsals.

Year 7 Concert Band will rehearse Monday lunch time.

Year 8 Concert Band will rehearse Tuesday lunch time.

The AIS Open Day is on Saturday 11 March. Many student groups will be performing, starting at 10am. There will be a range of music styles including Year 4 and 5 primary performers, The AIS Choir, Concert Band and many smaller ensembles. It will be a spectacular morning.