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CIS by Mark Beales - AIS Head of Strategic Projects

Australian International School (AIS) has been praised for its online learning and friendly atmosphere, following an official visit by the Council of International Schools (CIS).

CIS by Mark Beales - Head of Strategic Projects

Australian International School is a fully-accredited member of CIS and every five years undergoes an evaluation. The initial part of this review has now been completed, following a virtual visit by CIS members.

During the visit, the evaluators praised AIS for several achievements. They said the school had a clear sense of purpose and direction and that there was a clear commitment to high-quality education.

Evaluators also said there was a friendly environment and that the Senior Leadership Team worked well together.

Students, whom evaluators said valued their teachers, were praised for being articulate and confident.

Davina McCarthy, Executive Principal, said: ‘We were delighted that CIS noticed so many of the wonderful things we are doing during their virtual visit. It was an extremely useful process to be able to reflect on all of our recent achievements but also to look forwards and focus on our current school improvement goals.

‘I was especially pleased to hear our students being praised for their positive approach to school and their passion for learning.’

CIS said the curriculum for Wellbeing and pastoral care is broad and balanced, efforts to help with well-being during the pandemic were outstanding and that the variety of communication with parents was impressive.

Evaluators said there many examples of global citizenship and that student voice was a major feature. The school’s counsellor and safeguarding leads were also praised.

AIS now moves on to the next stage of the review, which will include a survey with key stakeholders and then a full visit and review in 2023.

CIS is a global, non-profit organisation that works with more than 1,300 schools in 123 countries. It is internationally recognised and provides school accreditation, with a focus on developing students as global citizens.