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Global destinations: Khanh Han Trieu

With an incredible IB Diploma score of 42 points, Khanh Han Trieu will soon be heading to a world-class US university to study Computer Science.

Since first walking through the gates of AIS thirteen years ago, Han has consistently achieved outstanding academic results. Her phenomenal accomplishments in the recent IB Diploma assessments have been the perfect culmination of her time at the school.

With plans to pursue a Computer Science degree, Han has long wanted to study in the US due to their continued advancements in the field. And with multiple universities vying for her attention, she was in the enviable position of choosing between four unconditional offers – some of which included merit-based academic scholarships – from prestigious colleges across America.

Presented with so many outstanding opportunities, she faced a difficult choice. However, the 17-year-old has ultimately decided to attend the highly-ranked Computer Science programme at Pennsylvania State University.

"At this stage, with regards to my career path, I am working towards becoming a software programmer, specifically on the front ends, and Pennsylvania State University was a perfect fit for me," she explains. "Ideally, my dream job would be one where I'd be able to contribute to developing newer applications that could make life more convenient."

Han believes studying the IB Diploma Programme is the perfect way to prepare for university. The top scholar is confident she has the knowledge, tools and real-world learning she needs to succeed as she transitions to tertiary study and life beyond the classroom.

"In addition to the depth of knowledge and soft skills we gain in every subject, the IB curriculum has helped expand my perspectives and general understanding of the world. It has pushed me to develop my analytical skills to consider things from different societal lenses and, in turn, improve my critical thinking."

"I particularly enjoyed the Individual Assessments (IAs) and the Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) project. Although they were challenging and occasionally tear-inducing, they helped re-contextualise our classroom learning by providing real-world application methods and expanding our understanding of the theoretical aspects of the curriculum."

But for Han, the biggest reward was definitely "the bragging rights we've gained having survived such a rigorous and challenging programme."

Excited about starting a new chapter, the recent IB graduate can't wait to meet new people from different backgrounds and immerse herself fully in university – and student – life. But there's a lot she'll miss about AIS too.

"Having been at AIS for so long, I've made so many memories, especially the annual school camps and the strong friendships I've made. Having the support of close friends is essential and knowing there was someone else who knew what I was going through and that I could confide in or turn to for advice was invaluable."


International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
AIS is regarded as one of Vietnam's most respected and established International Baccalaureate schools. The IB Diploma is considered the world's leading pre-university course, focusing on academic excellence and personal development as it prepares students for university and beyond.

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