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Global destinations: Venice Koo

AIS's valedictorian is heading to one of the world's leading universities to study Music. 

After receiving an outstanding score of 42 points in her IB Diploma, Venice Koo was inundated with offers from renowned universities across the globe. However, with her sights set firmly on studying in the UK, the top scholar was delighted when every university she applied to – King's College London (her first choice), The University of Edinburgh, University of Southampton, and University of York – all made offers for her to join their Bachelor of Music programmes.

Plus, she was accepted into the Music and English Literature programme at the Royal Holloway University of London. As although the gifted teen is passionate about Music, she has a deep and abiding love for literature too.

Flipping the script on the traditional tertiary admissions process, Venice also created a profile on Concourse (an online platform where universities apply for students) and received three further offers, including scholarships, to Augustana University, University of Guelph and University of Adelaide.

"I was thrilled when I received an offer to study a Bachelor of Music at King's College London (majoring in violin) because of their vibrant music society at the heart of the city and their partnership with the Royal Academy of Music," she confirms. "I plan to focus on music performance as I will study with a professor from the Royal Academy of Music as part of the course."

Eager to begin her new life in London, the ambitious 18-year-old has big plans for the future.

"My dream job is to become a musician and performer, both as a soloist and an orchestra instrumentalist. I am also considering teaching music and running my own music academy."

However, she will always be grateful for the help and support she received at AIS.

"I joined AIS in 2020 to start my IB Diploma Programme. I must admit that the IB workload was quite heavy, and the standard requirements were high, but everything was worth it as it prepares you well for university with lots of different in-depth knowledge and skills. Generally speaking, the contents of the Higher Level (HL) subjects are very close to university standards, so students get a taste of what they are likely to study afterwards."

In addition to developing her independent research, critical thinking, leadership, collaboration, organisation and time management skills, the IB Diploma allowed Venice to become a true global citizen, acquiring intercultural understanding, open-mindedness, and the ability to respect and evaluate a range of points of view.

"I enjoyed the core subject Theory of Knowledge (ToK) the most because every lesson inspired me with new ideas and theories, making me question myself and my values," she explains. "It is a very flexible subject as we can direct our thoughts towards the direction of our passion. For example, I analysed the boundaries between good and bad art, as well as the ambiguity of musical communication.

"As an intuitive and creative student, one of my favourite subjects was Music because I enjoyed exploring my instruments and different ways of performing, hence taking this a step further towards university-level study. And I really enjoyed English A as I love the nature of literature and interpreting others' ideas."


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