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Global destinations: Vinh Gia Khang Huynh

After his phenomenal IB Diploma results, outstanding AIS student Vinh Gia Khang Huynh (Tony) will soon be heading to a world-class university.

Tony's spectacular success in the recent IB Diploma assessments – where he was awarded a score of 42 points – firmly cemented his place as one of the school's top scholars. So it's not surprising that the talented 17-year-old received a barrage of offers from some of the world's leading universities.

Accepting an offer from his first-choice school, the University of British Columbia, Tony is currently organising his move to Canada to begin a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a combined major in Business and Computer Science.

Additionally, he received offers from McGill University, University of Toronto, Western Ontario University at Huron, University of Auckland, University of Lancaster at Leipzig, York University, Flinders University and the University of Adelaide, as well as several Colleges in the US.

The pragmatic teen is currently keeping his options open regarding his career path and is planning to see where his interests take him before committing to one particular profession.

"I'm considering becoming a product developer in the technology industry or possibly entering the marketing or finance fields," he explains. "Because of my diverse interests, I want to develop multi-dimensionally and wait to see who I become in the future.

"And I have a passion for music, so studying music might be an option later when I have fully prepared myself for the workforce. But, no matter what I do, I am sure that I will take every opportunity that comes my way."

As a dedicated student, Tony confirms that his IB Diploma study schedule was "quite intense". However, his determination, focus and organisation certainly paid off when he received his extraordinary results, acing his six IB course subjects.

"One of the most significant reasons I joined AIS was due to the IB Diploma Programme, as in my opinion, it surpasses other well-known curricula," says Tony. "Its core components (the Theory of Knowledge, the Creativity, Activity Service project and the Extended Essay) forced me to balance my academic studies with co-curricular activities, which prepared me incredibly well for university life.

"It meant that I learnt the value of time management. I learnt to juggle and prioritise what really matters for me, which helped me at AIS and provided an essential life skill."

Furthermore, in conjunction with his IB obligations, Tony also engaged in extra self-directed study programmes, completing a Cambridge A-Level and two Advanced Placement (AP) papers with very successful outcomes. He is incredibly grateful for the advice and guidance of his AIS teachers and boarding parents (Ms Suzette and Mr Bradfield) during this two-year co-curricular project, describing it as "memorable and heart-warming".

"Receiving such amazing results felt like a miracle and would not have happened without the generous help of the AIS community who guided me to a bright future," he says.

Alongside his academic endeavours, Tony was involved in all aspects of school life at AIS.

"Participating in such a diverse range of activities helped me recognise what I am truly passionate about. As a boarder, I had access to the AIS on-campus facilities during after-school hours, so I frequently used the swimming pool and badminton courts. Plus, I was president of the Social Science Council and enjoyed a brief stint as the first vice-president of the Entrepreneurship Committee. These managerial experiences – including the failures I overcame – were wonderful and allowed me to develop my leadership abilities and a variety of essential soft skills. They helped me learn from past mistakes in management and set a concrete foundation for future self-growth."

And when it comes to describing personal highlights from his time at school, the recent graduate takes an all-encompassing approach.

"I believe AIS focuses on delivering a safe, supportive, and caring environment where the whole community can thrive. For example, I remember one time I was terribly stressed, so I went to talk to Ms Roberts about the issues I was facing. With her help and guidance, I was able to successfully conquer my concerns. So for me, I would say the whole journey has been memorable because I have been able to challenge myself across so many different levels."


International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
AIS is regarded as one of Vietnam's most respected and established International Baccalaureate schools. The IB Diploma is considered the world's leading pre-university course, focusing on academic excellence and personal development as it prepares students for university and beyond.

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