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“I really enjoy boarding at AIS”

AIS Boarding House delivers a world-class living and learning environment where students can form lifelong friendships. For Vo Van Khanh Pham (Amy), boarding at the school has been an incredibly positive experience and one she can't recommend enough.
Year 13 student Vo Van Khanh Pham (Amy) "really enjoys" boarding life at AIS

Offering the first international premium boarding in Ho Chi Minh City, AIS's exceptional facility accommodates up to 50 local and overseas students from Years 7 to 13. This bright and modern residence opened in August 2020 and is located within the current AIS Thu Thiem campus, allowing boarders to enjoy many of the school facilities during the week and on weekends. 

Returning to AIS Vietnam after living in Melbourne for three years, Amy has been a boarding student since the facility first opened and couldn't be happier about her decision to live on campus.

"I chose to live in AIS boarding because it is convenient for my studies and allows me to avoid hours spent in traffic travelling to and from school every day," she explains. "My family home is about one-and-a-half hours away from the school, so the boarding option is a great alternative for a senior student like me.

"The atmosphere is very social. Every morning we all have breakfast together, and it usually takes us quite a while to eat the meal because we're all talking and laughing. I feel connected with my fellow boarders. There are not only Vietnamese students but Taiwanese and Japanese as well, and we spend time socialising together on a daily basis. This varied and multicultural environment has definitely helped me improve my interpersonal and social skills without a language barrier because we all speak in English." 

For Amy, having her classrooms on her doorstep is a huge benefit in her final year of study at AIS, and her daily routine reflects the well-structured boarding life the school provides.    

"I usually go back to my room after school and take a nap. Then, at 4pm we have our own study time. Dinner is served at 6pm, and after cleaning up, we spend time playing board games or sports on the field. After that, we study together in the common area in the evenings, although we can study alone in our own rooms if we prefer. We also spend time in the common area relaxing and watching TV before bedtime."

Making the most of her opportunities to use on-campus facilities, Amy can frequently be found in the library, gymnasium, playing fields and swimming pool too.

"I take full advantage of the facilities and often enjoy a range of activities with my boarding friends after the school day has finished, especially playing badminton and swimming," she confirms.

The safe and secure feeling of the residence is further enhanced by the outstanding pastoral care provided by house-parents who supervise the young boarders. These live-in teachers "take care of everything" and are always available to help with schoolwork, offer advice and guidance, and encourage students to express themselves in a group setting. 

"We have resident teachers that support us while we live in the boarding house,” she adds. “They care for us and make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently."

In fact, Amy feels that all of her requirements are met and, in some cases, exceeded by the AIS boarding system.

"We have a professional cleaning service to do the laundry and sanitise the boarding areas to ensure a clean and safe living environment. Additionally, a food service arranges our breakfast and dinner. The diet is well-balanced and nutrient-dense, and we're able to make comments and suggestions about the food to better suit our preferences. And sometimes, when we have weekend movie nights, we're allowed to order pizza and bubble tea. Plus, we have privacy in our own rooms, and all our appropriate requests and requirements are fulfilled."

The Year 13 student is also enjoying the last months of her International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme.

“The IB reminds me of how mature I am and lays the groundwork for attending university. ToK (Theory of Knowledge) covers all of the life lessons. And even though the EE (Extended Essay) course is challenging, it helps me improve my writing skills and recognise my own ideas. Every class is enjoyable for me, but the CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) project is one of the most exciting aspects of the IB because it allows me to complete myself as a better citizen.”

And for students and their families considering the boarding option at AIS, she has the following endorsement:

"I definitely recommend staying in boarding. After just one week, students will recognise all the advantages and understand what I'm saying. I really enjoy boarding at AIS, and I encourage you to try it too!"