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Introducing the Science Council

The academic year 2021-22, our Australian International School in Ho Chi Minh City witnesses a formation of a student-led science committee known as The Science Council, led by Co-Presidents Mike Kim and Vinh Gia Khang Huynh (Tony) from Year 13.

AIS Student Council 2021

The Science Council involves two departments - Natural Science and Social Science. This allows students to gain more experience and awareness regarding both Natural and Social Science topics, and to contribute in organizing, performing experiments and investigating theories. The members who enroll themselves in The Science Council will be working in the experiment, theory, publication, marketing, and event sub-departments.

"Fall forward and learn from our mistakes"


Mike Kim, head of the Natural Science Department, said, “Moreover, the members will be given the challenge to organize science-based events or festivals, to increase awareness of how science can be also a friendly and enjoyable subject, breaking the barrier of an integrated image of difficulty that science has. I would like to highlight the motto of our council: 'Fall forward and to learn from our mistakes'. We have our teammates as our support and a barrier. If we believe that we can accomplish it, we will accomplish it."

Science Council - Tony Huynh


Tony Huynh, head of the Social Science Department, added, “The inspiration of the Science Council's establishment came from our co-president, Mike. It triggered me to wonder: 'Why don't we have a Social Science Council as well?' So, the Natural Science and Social Science were established as two parallel councils though these two parallel lines do meet sometimes. The Social Science Council inspires students to learn about Social Science as Social Science is no longer about solely skimming through pages of books. Yes, indeed we still need to learn the theories. But, how about we experiment it in real life? What about we truly investigate those theories that we have been learning? The Social Science Council aims to break the stereotype that Social Science is associated with rote-learning.”

"What about we truly investigate those theories that we have been learning?"

Students also have the choice to join the different teams as the year progresses, and at the end of the academic year, all the members who join will be handed certificates of completion. This is a great contribution for the CAS programme for IBDP students, but also a great chance for younger year levels to gain experience and access to lots of skills from practical to theoretical while participating in extracurricular activities.

Student Science Council


AIS Students, Let’s Join The Science Council!

Don’t hold back, and join The Science Council of leading international school in Vietnam! Contact Mike or Tony, or email them at: or