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Juhan Chang: A High-Soaring, High-Scoring IB Success Story

Juhan Chang, a recent graduate of AIS Saigon, achieved an outstanding International Baccalaureate (IB) score of 44 out of a maximum 45.

He attributes his success to the support of AIS’s passionate teachers, a natural alignment between his learning style and the IB curriculum and his dedication to studying. Having conquered the IB programme, he is now poised to embark on the next chapter of his academic journey at the prestigious Imperial College, in London. 

A Memorable Moment

After moving to Vietnam from Korea in 2018, Juhan joined AIS in the 7th grade, where he completed his middle and high school education. For Juhan, his remarkable IB diploma score was the culmination of years of dedication and hard work.

Juhan recalls the nerve-wracking moments leading up to seeing his score. "Even though I had a feeling that a good outcome was possible, I was constantly anxious about the possibility of the opposite result," he recalls. The night before the results were announced, he didn’t sleep well and he anxiously prayed.

Juhan shares, "I'll never forget the moment when I saw my score for the first time. It was truly a joyful moment, as all the time and effort I had put in finally paid off."

His Secret to Success

Juhan attributes his success to his unwavering commitment to studying during the summer break just before starting the IB. This dedication was especially remarkable, considering the challenging backdrop of the COVID-19 situation in Vietnam. Juhan established a consistent daily routine during this period, which he believes significantly contributed to his high scores.

Moreover, the IB curriculum aligned perfectly with Juhan's inherent tendencies and learning style. He emphasises, "I thrive on delving deeply into subjects and sharing these thoughts with others. The IB program places great importance on developing profound and insightful solutions to individual challenges, emphasising the practical application of learned knowledge in our everyday lives. The IB can be described as a curriculum that demands the ability to express one's thoughts logically and coherently in writing, regardless of whether a student's interests lean towards the liberal arts or the natural sciences." 

Tips for Successful Studying

Juhan highlights how hard work and a genuine passion for learning are essential elements for success. Dedication, consistent effort, and the application of knowledge to daily experiences are key. While approaches to achieving top scores may vary, dedication and enthusiasm are universal drivers of academic achievement. “Individuals who consistently invest their time and effort, even if it entails gradually reducing their leisure activities, and striving to integrate their acquired knowledge into their daily routines, are bound to experience the ensuing benefits.”

The Role of AIS 

Juhan credits AIS Saigon for providing valuable resources such as the IB Centre, psychology counsellors, and career advisors. However, he highlights the exceptional dedication of his teachers, who went above and beyond to support his learning. “I believe the most significant help I received during my time at AIS was the opportunity to meet many passionate teachers. For instance, my math teacher, Mr. Franske, answered questions during breaks and lunchtime and willingly provided assistance even after working hours, day and night. And my physics teacher, Mr. Tunley, ignited a passion for the world of physics and the joy of interpreting it through the language of mathematics. These teachers, as well as most of the teachers I met at AIS, were truly wonderful people who understood the value of teaching. Their commitment greatly contributed to improving my IB scores, making my time at AIS incredibly advantageous for me.” 

A Lasting Impact

Juhan believes that the IB experience, which also places value on non-academic aspects like open-mindedness, balance, and effective communication, will be invaluable in his university experience and future career. 

“I also learned how to balance my studies with my hobbies and how to effectively communicate and collaborate with people by taking part in various extracurricular activities to fulfil my CAS requirements, like captaining my school's basketball team, organising basketball tournaments, and playing in the school band.

“I believe these values will contribute to my success in a global society.”

Future Plans

Juhan's IB journey is a stepping-stone to a promising future. This year, he’ll begin his studies in Mechanical Engineering at the prestigious Imperial College in London and aspires to plan the details of a business in renewable energy or eco-friendly mobility while pursuing his major.

Juhan Chang's extraordinary IB success story is a testament to dedication, passion, and the alignment of his strengths within the IB curriculum.