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Preparing Tomorrow’s International Leaders Today

Identifying and developing the individuality and talents of all students is a top priority at AIS. We build students’ confidence and equip them with the abilities and self-assurance to take on the world.
AIS Staff

AIS teachers are passionate about empowering every cohort, from Kindergarten to Year 13, with the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs they need for lifelong learning and success. We provide a dynamic, interactive and holistic educational environment, maximising each student’s potential by developing their academic ability and encouraging well-rounded, confident individuals who can make a positive difference. Our goal is to create knowledgeable, inquiring, articulate, and accomplished global citizens who achieve entry into the finest universities around the world and flourish in their chosen careers.

Exceptional educators
Our highly qualified teaching team has a truly international flavour, with educators from around the globe providing a multicultural experience for all year levels. These eminently skilled subject specialists – over one-third of whom have joined us from Australia and New Zealand – are passionate about what they do and gain immense pleasure from working with our students.

With at least ten years of experience in education, the average teacher at AIS holds a bachelor's degree (or higher) and specialist degrees in education or their specific subject. Plus, over one-quarter of our staff are educated to a master's degree level, while a number have also gained PhD status.



Preparing students for top universities
As most of our teachers have received their qualifications in Western countries, they are ideally placed to help support and guide our students looking to study at overseas universities. As a result, they play a significant role in preparing all our students for success, developing leadership, promoting exceptional English language proficiencies, and supporting the transition to university.

In addition, our professional faculty have extensive training in the world-renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge curricula, with many teachers acting as examiners and coaches across the IB network. This expertise, combined with their global backgrounds and personal insights, serves to enhance every class and allows students to immerse themselves in lessons from native English speakers.

Going the extra mile
Attracted to AIS by our stimulating and well-resourced environment, our multinational teachers showcase our dedication to excellence in academics and the transformative opportunities we offer students across a wide range of subjects and activities, including sports and the performing arts.

This combination of in-depth subject knowledge and the acquisition and development of soft skills (such as teamwork, time management and problem-solving abilities) ensure our students meet and often exceed the requirements of top universities and employers worldwide.

Inspired: Leading the way in global education
Inspired is a leading global premium schools group operating across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America - and AIS is proud to be a part of it. Currently educating over 80,000 students, Inspired has an international network of 111 outstanding schools which each deliver proven best practice to ensure world-class learning.

Through Inspired, the faculty at AIS have access to educational leaders at the forefront of ideas. Sharing knowledge, resources, and training enables us to remain on the cutting edge of educational innovation. Inspired's global reach also allows us to offer considerable benefits to our students. This includes international exchanges and summer programmes in many Inspired schools.

With such a vast array of opportunities at AIS, all students can achieve their potential through channels that resonate with them and excel on the world stage.