Online Learning

Overall Principle  

Guided remote learning will be provided for all students of all ages during the temporary closure of the school. 

Remote online learning will enable teaching staff to provide the best possible opportunity, for students to make continued progress in their education. AIS is committed to upholding high standards in all remote lessons while restrictions remain in place.  

Online learning


In February 2020, in response to the global COVID pandemic and the closure of schools in Vietnam, Australian International School was faced with the challenge of developing a remote learning plan, involving the transition to online education. Parents will understand that with all new systems and procedures there will be issues that arise. As always, we welcome parental feedback and suggestions to enable the school to continue to improve. 

Higher education is already moving rapidly into online and distant study, therefore, the skills gained during this period will be useful for all students as technically advanced learning systems become commonplace. 

AIS Virtual School Environment

Core Elements

Within our design of the AIS Virtual School Environment, we have retained two core elements that we believe make Australian International School an outstanding education provider: 

  • Live student-teacher interaction – This has proven fundamental to all students, enabling them to make progress and achieve their full potential. Direct interaction with passionate and talented teachers is invaluable for students.  
  • Personalised learning approach - The desire to maintain our personalised approach to educational provision is of prime importance. Students will be treated as individuals and supported both pastorally and academically at all times. 

Online learning lessons within virtual classrooms will require the on-going motivation of students. Parents are essential in the duration of this process through continued support of their child’s studies. Despite this necessary restructuring in the delivery of education, the implementation of an online remote learning system will help learners develop the necessary skills required for independent learning, allowing students to become accustomed to an increasingly digital environment. 

The delivery of education is certainly transforming, and all staff at Australian International School are keen to adapt to changes for the benefit of our students.  


AIS in a Remote Learning Environment

Aims of the AIS in a Remote Learning Environment 

1. To maintain the key principles of an outstanding education: 

  • Personalised Learning 
  • Innovative pedagogy 
  • Developing independent learning 

2. To continue to develop the skills and systems within the school to enable learning through modern technology. 

3. To limit the impact of school closure on students, especially those preparing for external examinations. 

4. To maintain excellent communication with parents and support them during the period of school closure. 

5. To ensure that all students, parents, and staff are healthy, safe, and happy. 


Online learning tools

Online Learning Tools 

Distance Learning Platforms at AIS 

The following online platforms support both remote learning and collaboration between faculty, students, and their guardians. Each platform has been utilised to ensure a high-quality learning experience when planning and delivering lessons remotely: 

1. AIS email is used to communicate with families of AIS students. SMS notifications can be enabled upon request. 

2. Seesaw and Zoom are the main online Distance Learning platforms used in Kindergarten to Year 6 classes. Microsoft Teams may also be used by Years 5 & 6. 

3. Office 365 tools, including Microsoft Teams, and Managebac are the main online learning platforms used in the Secondary School for Years 7-13. 

In addition to the above resources, we encourage faculty, students, and parents to contact the school helpdesk via the enquiry form.  


AIS Virtual School Guide

For more details, please download the AIS Virtual School Guide below.

Download AIS Virtual School Guide 2021

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